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Looking Back at the Last Decade of Baseball: The 2020s in Review (part 1 of 2)

2020.11.23 14:30 SirParsifal Looking Back at the Last Decade of Baseball: The 2020s in Review (part 1 of 2)

The last decade of baseball sure has been fun, hasn’t it? We’ve had thrills, we’ve had chills, we’ve had spills, . But a decade is a long time, and much has been forgotten: So let’s look back on the 2020s, and all the things that happened in it! We begin in...


January: Hype builds around the top free agent of the season, Trevor Bauer. After announcing that he will not accept any deals that do not have leading numbers of either 69 or 420, front offices scramble to free up the necessary budget space.
February: As players arrive at spring training, there is an astounding amount of hype surrounding the young superstar Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who is reported by multiple news outlets as being in, ‘the worst shape of his life’.
March: After four intense months of free agent negotiations, Trevor Bauer announces he plans to take a gap year to explore his possible options in life.
On Opening Day, Byron Buxton runs full-tilt into the outfield wall while trying to track down a Jorge Soler home run. He breaks three wrists and is out for the remainder of the season, sparing Twins fans the disappointment of seeing him waste his batting potential.
April: Mike Fiers, sick of being snubbed by front offices due to his role in blowing the whistle on the Astros sign stealing scandal, writes a tell-all where he claims he was the brains behind the whole operation. Eight different MLB clubs and Bill Belicheck immediately send him a contract offer.
May: Mark Reynolds announces his retirement on the grounds of being completely blind. He is promptly offered a lucrative contract by the umpire’s union.
June: On June 12, highly touted prospect Seth Beer makes his major league debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He uses ‘Beer’ by Reel Big Fish as his walkup song, and is immediately banned from baseball for life for reminding people that ska existed.
July: Fernando Tatis Jr. again ignites controversy from the media and from former players after being intentionally walked when his team is up by ten. “That is a disgusting act by Fernando Tatis Jr. and it's unfortunate that we had that on our air live”, says Joe Buck, calling the game for FOX, “That is disgusting by Tatis”.
Toronto continues their long-standing tradition of signing prospects who were born of somebody who screwed someone who used to be a good major league player by bringing A.J. Burnett Jr. into their minor league system.
August: Hawk Harrelson returns to broadcast a single game for the White Sox. Chicago gives up ten runs in the first, and Hawk remains completely silent for the last eight innings.
After years of controversy, the Cleveland Indians finally announce their rebrand. Their announcement states, “We waited far too long to get rid of Chief Wahoo. We’re not going to be late to the party for the next step. With Washington rebranding, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. We recognize that there will likely be uproar, but history will vindicate us. From now on, the team will be known as the Ohio Indians”.
September: The MLB marketing team goes into overdrive and announces the creation of MLBFilms, a movie company developing films starring MLB players to try to increase their public image.
October: The Mariners put the final touches on a blessed season by mounting a five-run comeback against the Angels in the bottom of the ninth inning of game 162. Kyle Seager hits a walk-off grand slam to cap it off. They finish 73-89.
November: With the close of the 2021 season, the collective bargaining agreement between the MLB and the Player’s Union ends. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, both sides agree to ignore this.
After further investigation into the Astros sign stealing scandal, the Comissioners’s Office announces new sanctions: Cleveland State will receive the ‘death penalty’.
December: The Rockies broadcast team welcomes Matt Holliday as their new color commentator. The longtime Colorado player joins Drew Goodman, Ryan Spilbroughs, and Jeff Huson in the booth.
A.J Pierzynski receives two votes for the Hall of Fame and immediately demands a recount.


January: Tim Lincecum, long time Giants fan favorite, announces his intent to come back to baseball. ‘I’ve been out of this game too long. I wasn’t sure if the fans and the team would accept me after all this time, but the support I’ve received has been incredible. When this position as a bat boy opened up, I knew it was made for me”. He will face stiff competition from a number of eight year olds to fill the position
MLBFilms announces their first movie: a four hour long, Scorsese-directed gender swapped version of A League of Their Own. It stars Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, and Mo’ne Davis. It will be cinema.
February: The Blue Jays show some concern as Vladimir Guerrero Jr seems to have gained more weight during the offseason, ballooning up to 300 pounds, and requesting a position change to designated hitter.
March: Tragedy strikes Tampa Bay as Tropicana Field is mistaken for an abandoned shopping mall and torn down by a demolitions company. The goof isn’t noticed for almost a week until a group of Yankees fans arrives to buy tickets.
April: Trevor Bauer finally decides to sign with someone, and signs a $69 million, 4.20 year deal with the White Sox for the express purpose of trying to get suspended by Tony La Russa.
May: The Rays announce they are rebuilding Tropicana Field exactly as it was, brick-for-brick. They put out a call for any Yankees fans who might have attended the stadium in the last few years to send pictures to work off of, as the original plans for the Trop were traded to the Mariners for cash considerations years ago.
Nelson Cruz invites controversy after choosing the 17 minute version of ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ as his walkup song, and not stepping into the box until the entire song is finished. He manages to avoid getting plunked by pitchers until he starts doing air-guitars with the bat and drumming the solo on home plate.
June: The MLB marketing team jumps back into action by putting pictures of Spiderman on the bases, presumably on direct order from J. Jonah Jameson. This is immediately met with massive backlash from every human being on earth, including Spiderman himself. Bud Selig counters, “Suck it up, buttercup.” This is a real thing that happened.
The Braves pay Bruce Sutter ten million dollars and thank their lucky stars that Bobby Bonilla gets all the press.
July: The umpire’s union receives serious backlash after Ron Kulpa blows a ball-strike ball on a David Price perfect game in progress, causing him to walk Nick Castellanos with two outs in the first inning.
Joe Buck broadcasts the entire Home Run Derby solo, saying, ‘And we will see you tomorrow night’ in a straight, monotone voice for every single home run; gradually increasing in volume until he yells at the top of his lungs continually during the final round. It receives the highest ever ratings for any television event ever. Jo Adell wins with three total home runs.
On July 21st, in a game against the Diamondbacks, Kenley Jansen intentionally balks to move a runner from second to third. Sensing unwritten rules being broken, Brian McCann punches his way out of his grave beneath the mound and hits Jansen with a DDT, killing him instantly.
August: Tony La Russa publicly announces he is moving on to a more sabermetric way of managing, and moves his center fielder out of the first spot in the batting order. “Perhaps, depending on how this goes, I may even move the catcher out of the ninth spot in the order.”
September: As their season ends, the Ohio Indians announce another name change, citing how large the backlash was and how offensive they learned their name was to the millions of people who were not acclimatized to it. They are now known as the Lake Erie Indians.
October: The Marlins, after years of careful management by Derek Jeter, sweep the National League playoffs on their way to a World Series victory over the Athletics in six games. Immediately after hoisting the trophy, the entire front office is sold off to other franchises to save salary room.
After the World Series, Bud Selig officially announces his retirement as MLB commissioner. “After thirty years in this position, it’s time for me to move on. I am grateful to the owners throughout Major League Baseball for their unwavering support and for allowing me to lead this great institution. I thank our players, who give me unlimited enthusiasm about the future of our game. Together we have taken this sport to new heights and have positioned our national pastime to thrive for generations to come. Most of all, I would like to thank our fans, who are the heart and soul of our game.” Tony Clark is thought to be next in line for the position.
November: Bill James publishes his new book, The Measure of a Man, where he has an exact formula worked out for the value of individual human lives. Mike Trout is worth exactly $290,322,784.32. You are worth twelve cents.
December: The Winter Meetings begin with a bang as the Mariners announce they are trading Kyle Lewis for ten of the Yankees’ wins next year. DiPoto says, “They probably won’t need them, and although we aren’t going to get enough to win the whole shebang, we might be able to get the 15 percent share to get an invite to the debates. With that kind of media coverage, who knows where we can go?”


January: The Nationals announce that Mike Rizzo is stepping down as President of Baseball Operations, but not before giving himself ‘a full and legal pardon for all crimes he may or may not have committed while in his position, and for all the crimes he may or may not commit in the future.’
The Athletic releases a shocking exposé showing that Tim Wakefield’s ‘rolling contract’ on the Red Sox will actually never expire due to a legal technicality. The Red Sox owe him $4 million, every year, until the heat death of the universe.
February: The MLB marketing team puts pictures of Mike Trout on milk cartons, with the caption, ‘Have You Seen This Kiiiiiiiid?’. The only result is the occasional call to the missing persons hotline whenever somebody accidentally tunes into an Angels game.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. arrives at spring training announcing that he feels lighter and faster than ever, due to his fat folds being held up by repulsorlifts like Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in Dune.
March: Disaster strikes the Oakland Coliseum as the Wave takes hold of the stadium on opening day. Thousands of people die either of exhaustion or starvation. The governor attempts to declare a disaster zone, but finds out that legally, the entirety of Oakland has been a disaster for the last thirty years.
April: Nothing happened this month.
May: The Boston Red Sox are caught up in yet another cheating scandal, where the Blue Jays allege that Tom Brady, somehow, managed to deflate their baseballs before a key playoff game in 2022.
Byron Buxton runs headfirst into a Mack truck that was accidentally left parked in Target Field’s outfield by the ground crew. He loses eight ribs from the resulting surgery and is out for 6-8 weeks.
Robbie Cano is banned from the MLB for life after testing positive for shooting up black tar heroin into his eyeball.
June: Matt Holliday is suspended from his broadcast job after claims that, in the past, he had ‘inappropriately touched’ home plate during his Rockies career.
Tom Brady is ambushed at his house by Brian McCann and tombstoned directly into the driveway, killing him instantly. There are no witnesses.
July: Fernando Tatis Jr. is suspended by the Padres without pay for a week after being hit by a pitch with the bases loaded while up by twelve over the Dodgers. John Smoltz condemns his repulsive behavior by running up the score. Lynch mobs assemble outside Petco Park.
Billy Hamilton wins the Home Run Derby after discovering that inside the park home runs are not technically banned. He racks up 783 home runs in the first round alone before the kids playing the outfield figure out what’s going on.
August: Matt Holliday is cleared and reinstated to his job after no evidence was found of him actually touching home plate. In a public statement, he thanks the Padres for their longtime support and their hard work to clear his name in this matter.
During a Braves-Marlins game, the disembodied head of Joe Buck appears on the Fox Sports South broadcast on all cameras and stares wistfully into the camera for twenty-two seconds before bleeding from the eyes and fading away. Buck declines to comment on the matter.
September: Jose Canseco announces in a tweet that, if he is not elected to the Hall of Fame by the Veteran’s Committee immediately, he will not intervene to save us all from the upcoming singularity robot apocalypse.
October: In the Wild Card game against the Blue Jays, the Astros again invite controversy by calling the other team’s bullpen phone constantly and telling Ken Giles to stop warming up; twenty-seven times in the eighth inning alone. With Toronto unable to use their bullpen, Russell Martin comes in for the save situation and gives up seventeen runs. Charlie Montoyo attempts to protest the game, but the Astros yell so loud at the umpires that they can’t hear what he’s saying.
Pete Rose reveals that he was behind the 1978 Boston College point shaving scandal, and boy, did he make a ton of money from that. He is immediately banned for life from the Basketball Hall of Fame.
November: Both the American and National leagues award their MVP award to Albert Belle despite him being out of the league for twenty years, as he certainly did not deserve to lose to Mo Vaughn in 1995. Pedro Martinez finishes a close second.
Albert Pujols’ home run against Brad Lidge finally lands, killing millions on impact.
December: At the Winter Meetings, Brett Favre formally announces his retirement from the NFL.
The Yankees flex their checks and sign one of the best pitchers ever to have played the game for 15yrs/450million: Christopher Robin from Winnie The Pooh Home Run Derby.


January: In an explosive piece of investigative journalism, The Athletic discovers that Joe Buck has ties to Russia. Buck categorically denied the allegations in a press statement, adding, ‘And we will see you tomorrow night. In court.’
Jose Canseco is unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame.
February: Vladimir Guerrero Jr arrives at spring training by oozing through the windows of the practice facility and reforming himself into a man-like form in the hallways. He moves to the outfield, as he now covers enough ground that the ball will never hit the turf.
March: MLB The Show 2024 releases to rave reviews from critics, despite being the exact same game as MLB the Show 2023 and MLB the Show 2022. It is voted the best sports game of the year for the simple fact that they did not remove features from last year’s game.
On opening day, Dusty Baker announces to the umpires that he will be playing the entire season under protest. He gives no explanation.
April: Spencer Torkelson makes his MLB debut for the Tigers, lasting an entire at-bat before the umpires pull him from the game and send him back to the 1890s where his name belongs.
The Yankees announce that they are moving away from the pinstripe uniforms which have dominated their style since the early days of the club, and are switching to more iconic and beloved uniforms - the 1970s Houston Astros rainbow jerseys, effective immediately. Yankees fans strenuously object because it’s harder to look like assholes when wearing bright, happy colors.
May: Aroldis Chapman mirrors Randy Johnson when, during a save opportunity at Yankee Stadium, he brings down a low-flying single engine plane with a pitch, killing the pilot. This becomes the second-worst plane accident involving a Yankees pitcher in New York in the last twenty years.. [Editor’s note: This is not a 9/11 joke. That would be incredibly distasteful and disrespectful to the thousands of Americans that died on that day. This is a joke about Corey Lidle, whose death is slightly more socially acceptable to make light of.]
June: Scientists working with the New York Yankees announce new developments in doing The Wave, led by observations at Yankee Stadium. This new version of The Wave, endorsed by Yankees fans around the world, will be done only with the middle finger.
July: MLBFilms announce their next release - a collaboration with Warner Bros: Scooby-Doo! Batter Up!, where the Scooby gang meets Bryce Harper and the Phillies and have to defeat a ghost that possessed the Philly Phanatic and locked the team inside Citizens Bank Park. The city of Philadelphia defeats the ghost by throwing batteries at it, and it’s revealed to have been Gritty all along. This is not a joke.
For the fifteenth and final time, the Reds pay Ken Griffey Jr. 3.6 million dollars, ending his deferred contract. The Reds front office once again thanks the Mets for being such boneheads that nobody cares that other teams have far, far worse deferred contracts than they do. Although none of the other ones had to do with Bernie Madoff.
August: The Blue Jays announce that they are negotiating with LeBron James, Jr for a minor league deal.
Brett Gardner tests positive for having a giant fucking head and is suspended by the MLB for 80 games. He appeals on grounds of the test possibly being a false positive, and the possibility that vitamins he took were contaminated, and that, as a sovereign citizen, the MLB has no right to test him. He also tests positive for eleven different steroids, which he does not contest.
September: Tony La Russa announces his retirement at the end of the season, citing his early stages of dementia. This confirms the rumors that spread around the league after La Russa wandered off in the middle of a game to find the nearest Cracker Barrel.
October: Fernando Tatis Jr. disrespects the game of baseball by arriving at Petco for a game after the Padres have clinched the top seed in the playoffs. Brain McCann materializes out of the aether and hits Tatis with an elbow off the top ropes, killing him instantly.
The MLB announces a new broadcast format for the World Series, where Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy will sit silhouetted in front of a screen with the official Joe Buck/Tim McCarver broadcast and heckle them constantly, MST3k style. It is cancelled after one game after complaints from Joe Buck’s mother.
November: Radical sabermetricians make the news by making threats against the MLB, warning that unless announcers actually learn how WAR and FIP work, ‘there will be consequences’. Commissioner Tony Clark gives a strong speech, responding that the MLB ‘does not negotiate with terrorists. We don’t even negotiate with the MLBPA most of the time’’.
December: The Red Sox trade Tim Wakefield’s rolling contract to the Mariners in exchange for the Mariners’ franchise history and the cutout of a baseball player that sits outside a Lowe’s in Seattle.


January: The St. Louis Cardinals accidentally delete their Excel 95 spreadsheet listing their minor league prospects. It’s estimated that up to 200 ballplayers were lost, and though scouts managed to retrieve some of them, a large number still cannot be accounted for.
February: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. announces his retirement from baseball to star in an MLBFilms remake of ‘The Blob’.
March: The MLB floats the idea of having a ‘three batter minimum’ for pitchers, so that teams won’t continually switch pitchers to gain a handedness advantage. This is laughed at by everyone, so they forget about it. The idea never comes up again.
April: In an otherwise routine game at Target Field, Byron Buxton is tracking down a routine pop fly when he suddenly runs headlong into the evidence that Pete Rose bet against the Reds, shattering every bone in his body and eight in Max Kepler’s.
May: The Mets broadcast leaves a live mic on Zach Greinke, which picks up what he’s constantly mumbling about while on the mound. A transcript: “Dog carcass in alley this morning. Tire tread on burst stomach. The city is afraid [strikes out Tim Anderson] of me. I have seen it's true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over all the [induces a Chad Wallach pop-up] vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "save us!"... and I'll look down from the mound and [retires Derek Dietrich on three pitches] whisper "no"”
June: June 28, 2025. A date which will live in infamy. Everyone remembers where they were on that day. The pictures are burned into the brain of every man, woman, and child watching the All-Star game.
The black helicopter landing in center field.
The masked figures kicking a bound and gagged David Eckstein out of the door.
Their speech through the loudspeaker system, calling for the deaths of all those who stood in the way of progress. You all know what followed.
When that helicopter took off, leaving a four foot eight corpse on the field, the relationship between baseball and statistics was changed forever. SABR was declared a terrorist organization, and although Bill James denied any involvement and denounced the perpetrators, he would never be looked at the same. The FBI tracks him for the rest of his life.
July: C.C. Sabathia, Brian McCann, and the corpse of David Eckstein are inducted into the Hall of Fame. During his speech, Sabathia briefly mentions breaking the unwritten rules of baseball, and Brian McCann hits him with a steel chair, killing him instantly.
A huge remembrance of David Eckstein’s life takes place among the media.
“How can a man weighing 45 pounds and only two and a half feet tall make such an impression on the hearts of man? Not everyone has the grit, the determination, the grit, the dirtiness, the courage, the grit, or the grit to win in the MLB, but that’s only because Eckstein took the grit from all those people to use himself.”
“We all remember Eckstein single-handedly dragging the Cardinals to a World Series victory, but it’s easy to overlook his other work, and not just because he was so short. This was a man whose bodily fluids were filled with lunch pails.”
August: SABR’s hitlist is leaked by government agencies. It includes the two bozos who left Pedro Martinez off the MVP ballot, 90’s Joe Carter, John Smoltz, and everyone who ever wrote an article about David Eckstein, ‘to wipe clean the scum of the earth’. All of these people are immediately placed under police protection except John Smoltz, who refused it as he never believed in sabermetrics anyway.
September: A source inside the MLB suggests that they should have been more prepared for a terrorist attack, saying, “These guys are literally named SABR - could they have more of a Bond villain secret organization name? And look at their mission statement: ‘we seek the deaths of those who would desecrate our great national pastime, and those who refuse to understand it.’ - shouldn’t that have turned some heads? I believe that the MLB intentionally ignored this threat so they could go to war with SABR and then seize their oil”. Tony Clark refuses comment.
Tony La Russa announces his retirement from baseball at the end of the season.
October: After a long and storied career, Albert Pujols announces his retirement and immediately ages 150 years to return to his true age like Donovan at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Both dugouts rush his desiccated body to claim the bones as good luck charms.
November: David Eckstein is posthumously inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as an honorary member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
The NAACP makes headlines when they release their list of Greatest Baseball Players of All Time, due to Jose Bautista taking the #1 spot over from Jackie Robinson. They justify it by saying ‘Jose Bautista is the Harriet Tubman of his times”.
December: After missing the playoffs for the tenth straight year, the Philadelphia Phillies trade Bryce Harper to the New York Yankees for a sack of potatoes.
Part 2: 2026-2030
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2018.07.23 22:50 iminterestingplease Part 34

My apologies for the fast post again.
5953.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these animals not existing?
5954.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition."/"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."
5955.(Geography change.)Do you remember the Inca Trail going near, or into Mexico?(Anything else off?)
5956.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mr. T dying?
5957.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being electric taxis in 1899?(Anything else off about electric cars around this time?)
5958.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember glass beaches not being a thing?,_California)
5959.(Famous Actor name change.)Ely Wallace/Eli Wallach(Other spellings?)
5960.(Store name change.)Bed, Bath & Beyond/Bed Bath & Beyond(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the pitchfork briefly disappearing from American Gothic?(Has it changed where it originally was?)(Are white onions more rare now?)(Mishapen/Misshapen)(Hearthrob/Heartthrob)(Ret Conned/RetConned/Retconned/retconned)(Mandela Quantum Effect/mandela quantum effects)(Medic Logics/MediLogix, and logo has changed.)(Do other companies named Adobe have off logos?)(Does the Diaper Depot logo look off?)(Does the Ready Player One logo look off?)(Does the Russia World Cup logo look off?)(Were there no pink trees?)(I'm A Slave 4(For?)U(You?)music video by Britney Spears has changed.)(Do you remember Yanny being spelled Yanni, or Yannie in Laurel vs. Yanny?)(More quotes from the original Star Trrk have changed.)(Did hairless sun bears not exist?)(Cardi B songs have Ing to In' lyrics.)(Tons of plants, and parts of fruits, and vegetables, and other things are now edible that weren't before.)(Fruits is now the plural of Fruit instead of Fruit.)(An OtheAnother)(Does the Mixels logo look off?)(Does the Rock-a-Doodle(Rock-A-Doodle?)logo look off?)(King Tut's tomb lost the snake for a while.)(Texas map has completely changed.)(Did Capri Sun never use large bottles?)(The Burns And Allen Show logo, or at least one of them has changed.)(Ariana Grande songs have Ing to In' lyrics.)(The Merrie Melodies logo changed again.)(Does the Carex logo look off?)(Was one of Olaf's two teeth longer than the other when he had two?)(Regular writing on almost anything sometimes changes too.)(Evry/Every)(Evrett/Everett)(Evrest/Everest)(Does the Laser X logo look off?)(Butthurt/Butt-hurt)(Latter is acceptable.)(Butthead/Butt-head)(Latter is acceptable.)(Did panda ants not exist?)(Does the Shoe Carnival logo look off?)(Lil Pump have with Ing to In' lyrics.)(Apple products have a lowercase I at the beginning instead of an uppercase.)(ICarly/iCarly, and is the logo off?)(IFunny/iFunny)(Have you heard of Dieselfunk, or Dieselpunk, or other things similar to it?)(Ing to In' lyrics We Will Rock You by Queen)(Jojo Siwa/JoJo Siwa)(Kc & Jojo/K-Ci & JoJo)(Other spellings?)(Was JoJo always spelled Jojo, and never JoJo?)(Graffitti/Grafitti/Graffiti)(Do any of the 101 Dalmatians movie logos look off?)(Does the Shimeez logo look off?)(Certain specials and T.V. channels use weird fonts for shows, and other things.)(Ing to In' lyrics in Justin Bieber(Beiber?)songs.)(The Republican, and Democratic party animals keep switching back, and forth.)(Scarlett Johansson replaced Jessica Alba in The Island.)(Is anything else about The Mystery Machine off, and does Shaggy look off?)(The remake of Robocop now has Gary Oldman, and Michael Keaton in it.)(Certain shows, and other use In' in certain things.)(Does the Cosmopolitan logo look off?)(Does the Secoma Lanes logo look off?)(Does the Master lock logo look off?)(Pokeman/Pokéman/Pokémon)(Heineken ManeuveHeimlich Maneuver, and is anything else off?)(Certain song, and album logos, and peoples' names on those things look off.)(Does The Message by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five sound off?)(Certain tenses of words, and names of people are spelled different from the original such as Write to Written, or Sam to Sammy.)(Travelling vs. Traveling, and similar words.)(Does the Operation logo look off?)(Are any of the Ratt logos off?)(Stuffers/Stouffer's)(Tons of messed up Ts in logos.)(Supervalue/Supervalu, and logo is different.)(Do you remember Ozzy Ozborne, or Ozbourne?)(Epic Hyperspace logo is different.)(Tons of messed up toilet paper, paper towel, sink, toilet, urinal, and other bathroom logos.)(Old movie covers from Disney that say, "Walt Disney's"(Walt Disney?)have connected, or off movie logos.)(Beginning, and ending credits for certain shows, movies, and games, and other things have modernized fonts, or connected, or off letters.)(Fullfill/Fulfill)(Other spellings?)(Desiree/Des'ree)(Certain show, web videos, movie, and game logos, and other things have modernized fonts, or connected, or off letters.)(Is it harder to look at the Sun than before, or is it actually good for you?)(Is it actually okay to look at eclipses?)(Have you heard of the Swacket?)(Have you heard of the Jeepney?)(Certain songs, games, shows, movies, and web videos are released earlier, or later than before.)(Hippos now have smaller nostrils.)(Disastisfied/Dissatisfied, and similar words.)(Has the Star Trek Scotty quote stuff changed again?)(ALF says, "No Problem." now instead of, "No problemo.".)(Tons of bible verses are grammatically incorrect, and have misspelled, and Sampson to Samson, and tiny new books are in it.)(Giant sand dunes swallowing whole cities in China.)(Changes in Baja California, and Florida.)(Magic is now sometimes spelled Magick.)(RECALL VECTOR YouTube channel name changed multiple times.)(Jen's Gems YouTube channel name chabged multiple times.)(Does the Sweet Jesus ice cream logo look off?)(Town is now sometimes spelled Towne.)(Catapult is now sometimes spelled Katapult.)(Hungry, Hungry Hippos/Hungry Hungry Hippos, and logos have changed.)(Move (Keep Walking)/Move (Keep Walkin'), and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Hillsong/United Hillsong/Hillsong United/United/UNITED/Hillsong UNITED)(Sandlot Kids/The Sandlot)(Did The Boxcar Children become The Boxcar Kids, and then just Boxcar Children, or maybe even Boxcar Kids at one point, and was there a thread about it?)(Scorpionflies now exist.)(Whale-Dolphin hybrid now exists.)(Lindbergh baby gender flipped.)(Living On A PrayeLivin' On A Prayer, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Kids claim they used to hover, and breathe underwater.)(Ing to In' lyrics in Tech N9ne songs.)(Regular text can have connected letters.)(Spot-bellied eagle-owl now exists.)(Immortal jellyfish now exist.)(Does the Little Caesars(Caesar's)logo look off in any way?)(Was the restaurant as Little Caesars Pizza Treat, or Little Caesars Pizza?)(Unoticed/Unnoticed)(Scutoids now exist.)(Baby pineapples now exist.)(Tomatoes come in different colors.)(Aveno/Aveeno)(Other spellings?)(Residue can sometimes be residue, but still change.)(More weird stuff changing back, and forth, and there is residue of stuff before it changed back.)(The red, green, and yellow colors in traffic lights are slightly off.)(There is now a dash in Pine-Sol.)(Similar The Jazz Singer logos have also changed.)(Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin, and Tony Bennett songs have Ing to In' lyrics.)(More Dua, and Khalid have Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of Charlie Puth's logos look off?)(Radio blackouts caused by solar radiation.)(I Married An Axe MurdereSo I Married An Axe Murderer)(People remember David Bowie dying in 2017.)(Dragon fruit now exists.)(Everyday vs. Every Day.)(Landscaping in front of one user's house changed.)(The history of lots of fruits, and vegetables, and what they originally looked like has changed.)(People claim to lose time from seconds to years, and it can be forward, or backward.)(DaddyOfFive/DaddyOFive)(Pink Lemonade/Pynk Le'Monade)(People claim to die, and come back, or retry the moment, and not die, or survive with little to no injuries.)(People have lived other lives, or been other people during sleep, or while awake, and even live other lives for some reason they felt attached to to the point where they missed things about the other life.)(Norton logo has changed again.)(Do any of the Jersey Mike's logos look off?)(Time speeds up, or slows down for some in certain scenarios.)(Multiple types of different doppelgangers.)(Weird tech "glitches".)(Do you remember certain Ing things being In'?)(Mamma I'm Comin' Home/Mama I'm Coming Home)(Moments "resetting".)(The sun "blinking", or flickering, and the universe going black for whatever reason.)(People hear computer voices, see weird things, see weird stuff.)(IKEA(Ikea?)stores being weird for people.)(Hotels randomly disappearing, or popping up.)(The music video for First Of The Year by Skrillex has changed.)(Does The Mystery Machine logo look off?)(They swear someone, or something is one place, can't find it, then it reappears there, or somewhere else.)(People claim they see dead family members acting like they're still alive, or in pictures, or dreams.)(White House burned down by British in 1814.)(Words like mama, and granny are spelled tons of different ways.)(There was a point where there were 15 colonies, and some of the older flags are off, and more star forts.)(Birth certificates, and other personal things about people have changed.)(Weird stuff going on with photos.)(The bad guys in Red Dawn are apparently also Spanish., and the ending is off.)(The apostrophe in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and other shows is missing, and the logo has changed in other ways.)(Was there a Howard The Duck sequel planned?)(FDR has now served 4 terms, and there have now been hundreds of assassination attempts across all the presidents.)(Tony Robinson/Tommy Robinson)(Applets & Cotlets/Aplets & Cotlets)(Other spellings?)(Other symbols instead of &?)(Do any adult website, phone sex hotline, or magazine logos look off?)(Ing to In' lyrics in IDGAF by Dua Lipa.)(Unatural/Unnatural)(Does the Kool-Aid Sparklers logo look off?)(Unamed/Unnamed)(Does the Dog Days movie logo look off?)(The logos for Idahoan products are off.)(Does the Bohemian Rhapsody music video by Queen look off?)(People, or things in pictures, or videos that look too modern for the time.)(People claim animals, pets, and people "teleport" from one place to another without being seen when they should've been visible going to that place.)(New rooms, switches, missing things, etc everywhere.)(Changes in London.)(Reality residue is starting to change to new reality.)(Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith now has Ing to In' lyrics, and some lyrics say Janie's, and others say Janie.)(Mysterious liquid, water, or light appearing where it shouldn't.)(The Jazz Singer logo by Neil Diamond has changed completely.)(Entire fantasy things disappearing without a trace.)(Family member details, or codes they use for stuff, or the person's details, and codes changing in an impossible way, sometimes changing back, or other weird stuff involved with this.)(Jackie Chan by Post Malone, and Sway by NexXthursday(Next Thursday?)have Ing to In' lyrics.)(Things just start, or stopped existing altogether, or briefly.)(Europe, and Asia are apparently combined to be Eurasia, and Australia can also be put in the name to be Australasia.)(Bumping Beats/Bumpin' Beats)(People can't see certain things in plain sight others can, or same with heating stuff, and can't see each other in the same room.)(Swearing stuff happened before.)(Stuff going through people, or other stuff.)(Sounds of talking with no mouth movement.)(Tons of Ing to In' everywhere.)(Os and dots in Is, and Js are becoming weird in lots of stuff.)(Ing to In' lyrics in lots of rap music.)(Guessing random, and obscure stuff directly on the money.)(Slang words like Lowkey, Bae, Boo, Fam, Thirsty, Salty, Finesse, Lit, Popping, Bumping, Banging, Say Less, Dead Ass, and other phrases, and meanings popping up out of nowhere.)(Is the Tina's frozen food logo look off?)(Teamate/Teammate)(Nancy Spungen now died at 21 instead of 27.)(Was she another age?)(Kiss By A Rose/Kiss From A Rose(Are the lyrics off?))(Do you remember Nirvana singing Heart-Shaped Box in their Unplugged concert?)(Do you remember an episode of Ghost Hunters where a full body ghost comes out of the floor?)(Do you remember a Pixar intro where the lamp jumps on the I, and gets shot up by the I as it turns into a spring?)(Is the Venture Bros. logo off?)(Do you remember Jerry Lewis saying, "Hey lady!" really loudly ever?)(All Tron logos have changed.)(Did the Shell-Shocked soldier photo not exist?)(Did Ricky Ricardo say, "Lucy, I'm home!" more frequently, and differently on I Love Lucy?)(Is the Toyota RAV4 logo off?)(Nothing But A G Thing/Nuthin' But A G Thang, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Nothing Fancy/Nuthin' Fancy, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Dre Day/Fuck Wit Dre Day, and Ing to In' lyrics, and song title.)(Was the parentheses part not part of the song title?)(Was it just named Dre Day?)(Did the Whoot, There It Is(Whoot There It Is?)song not exist?)(Is the Whoomp! (There It Is) song title off?)(UTube/YouTube, and are some of the features' names changed.)(40 weirdest plants, and other animal, and plant videos.)(Tons of new insect eating plants.)(Disappearing, and appearing Walgreens stores.)(White Penske trucks?)
Add-On: Do you remember Self Control being released in the 90's instead of 1984?
5961.(Pet Store name change.)Pets Mart/Pet Smart/PetSmart(Other names?)(Are the colors reversed?)(Was it just blue, or red?)(Anything else off?)
5962.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Leaning Tower Of Pisa not appearing pink?(Are these other things off?)
5963.(Music Lyrics change.)"We're going for a week, or two."/"No more worries for a week, or two."("I've seen it in the movies."/"We've seen it at the movies.")("Doing things they always wanna do."/"Doing things they always wanted to.")(Other lyrics.)(Dreaming/Dreamin' and Ing to In' lyrics.)
5964.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ringling Brothers giving away lifetime tickets in 1996 instead of 1993?
5965.(City name change.)Swathmore, Pennsylvania/Swarthmore, Pennsylvania,_Pennsylvania
5966.(Restaurant name change.)Foster Freeze/Foster's Freeze/Fosters Freeze(Did it not go by other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)
5967.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Harrowing not being a thing?
5968.(New fruits.)Do you remember finger limes not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember the Lindbergh Baby being a girl?
5969.(New species.)Have you heard of the hairy frog?
5970.(Music Lyrics change.)"Dance with me."/"Dance to me."(Were the lyrics the same every time?)
5971.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band not existing?(Does the Grease logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mr. T's beard not going up past both his ears?
Add-On: Do you remember A License To Kill instead of Licence To Kill?(Were words such as License never spelled like Licenve?)
5972.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Chanticleer wearing a red bandanna?(Anything else off?)
5973.(Product name change.)Insta-Pot/Instant Pot(Does the Fast Company logo look off?)
5974.(Product name change.)Rainbow Bread/Rainbo Bread(Does the logo look off?)
5975.(Fictional Character name change.)Tinkerbell/Tinker Bell
5976.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember E.T.'s eyes both being blue?
5977.(Animal name change.)HampsteHamster
5978.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of these stuff being mythological?(Trojan War, Mount Olympus, and open gates to hell?)(Anything else off?)
5979.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink?(Videos below.)
5980.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember buildings never being able to go above the clouds?
5981.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Reborn Dolls not being a thing?
5982.(Music Lyrics change.)"Tell me. How does it feel? Tell me now. How does it feel?"/"Tell me. How do I feel? Tell me now. How do I feel?"("Tell me. How does it feel? Tell me now. How should it feel?"/"Tell me. How do I feel? Tell me now. How should I feel?")
5983.(Spelling change.)Clientel/Clientele
5984.(Music Lyrics change.)"Black orgasm."/"Black orgasms."(Was it Orgas every time?)(Anything else off?)
5985.(Movie Quote change.)"Try the short one."/"Try the sharp one."(Leonardo Dicaprio/Leonardo DiCaprio)(Lamelo ball/LaMelo Ball)(Lavar Ball/LaVar Ball)(Liangelo Ball/LiAngelo Ball)(Grace Vanderwall/Grace VanderWaal)
Add-On: Do you remember "Change" in Free Bird(Freebird?) by Lynyrd Skynyrd not sounding like "Chain"?
5986.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's a pack of useless lies."/"It's a pack of useless lie."
5987.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park not existing?(Does the logo look off?)(Did it not go by other names?)(KISS/Kiss)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink?
5988.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Bats, and eagles can swim, sea potatoes in UK, birds can fly for 10 months straight, black smoke rings, Marfan syndrome and Abraham Lincoln has it, bass eats a giant mole, frog fish walks weird, cow eats rabbit, no moons are bigger than earth now, vampire moth, Zygomatic arch changed again, weird Teddy Roosevelt assassination story, 3 hour mystery loss of Sun in large area of Siberia, sand storms carry across the globe now, giant bat-eating centipede, and gjant centipedes in general, scapula, spine, and rib changes, mystery radar blob, mini tornados, Ambesol/Anbesol,(Is the logo off?)Nesquik vintage logos keep changing, Harlequin fetus, Argentina mummy child,,Children Of Llullallaco, liquid lake on Mars, more skull changes, Big Bird's legs look different, Hitler's mustache changed again, origin of swastika,(Did swastika have to be capitalized?)and people who used it has changed,(Is the use of Who vs. Whom, and similar words off?).)(Video below.)
5989.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Rex Reed dying?
5990.(Album Logo change.)Do you remember Paul McCartney not holding a cigarette on Abbey Road?(Was he not out of step?)(Anything else off?)(Abby Road/Abbey Road)
5991.(Music Lyrics change.)"Tighten your belts, abuse yourselves."/"Tighten the belts, abuse the selves."(Does it sound like Cells?)(Rat/Ratt)
5992.(Spelling change.)Remberance/Remembrance
5993.(Body Part name change.)Tounge/Tongue
5994.(Movie name change.)Stockade/Cadence(Is the Chain Gang scene off?)
5995.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in KIA(Kia?)Forte not being connected?(Were the letters normal?)
5996.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink?(Videos below.)
5996.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Mavin Johnson/Navin Johnson(Is the movie logo off?)
5997.(Music Lyrics change.)"Rock you like a hurricane."/"Rock you like the hurricane."("The wolf is hungry."/"The golf is hungry.")(Was it always the same as the song title?)
5998.(Music Lyrics change.)"More than words."/"More than word."(Was it always the same as the song title?)
5999.(Song Title change.)Knights In White Satin/Nights In White Satin(Is(The Night)part of the title for you, or not?)
6000.(Music Lyrics change.)"Circle can't fit where a square should be."/"Circle can fit where a square should be."("Rivers flow into the sea."/"Rivers flow into the city."(Did Extreme make 3 albums instead of 5, or a different number?)
6001.(New Species.)Have you heard of the rainbow turkey?(Anything else off about colored turkeys?)
6002.(New species.)Have you heard of the hamner-headed bat?(Was it simply known as the hammerhead bat?)
6003.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the MPAA logo being different?
6004.(Spelling change.)Dutchess/Duchess
6005.(Music Lyrics change.)"Have you ever seen the rain?"/"Have you ever seen rain?"(Was it always the same as the song title?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Does the song logo look off?)
6006.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember What's Love Got To Do With It("What's Love Got To Do With It?"?)being sung by Whitney Houston instead of Tina Turner?
6007.(Music Lyrics change.)"Ain't nobody home."/"Ain't nobody phone."("Makes a grown man cry."/"Make the grown man cry.')(Anything else off about the lyrics?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6008.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink?(Video below.)
6009.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being green?(Video below.)
Add-On: Do you remember Ambusol, or Anbusol?
6010.(Music Lyrics change.)"I cry a little."/"I die a little."(Every Time We Say Goodbye?)(Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye)(Other songs from her say Ev'ry now instead of Every, and lyrics changed.)(Was Every Time always spelled Everytime?)(Ron Steward/Rod Stewart)(Papa Was A Rolling Stone/Papa Was A Rollin' Stone, and Ing to In' lyrics.)
6011.(Music Lyrics change.)"Take me to the end of the line./"Take me to the end of the light."("Take me down to the paradise city."/"Take me down to paradise city."/"Take me down to a paradise city.")
6012.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Richard Nixon not calling Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin on the moon on July 20, 1969?
6013.(Music Lyrics change.)"Consider all thy words."/"Consider all the worlds."(Now in some versions.)
6014.(New species.)Have you heard of the Crinoid?(Was it Lilly, and not Lily for Lily Pad, and other uses?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mr. Pibb's, or Mr. Pibbs?(Anything else off?)
6015.(Capital City change.)Savannah, Georgia/Atlanta, Georgia(Ontario, Canada/Ottawa, Canada)(Was Ontario a city, and not a province?)
6016.(Date change.)Do you remember diet soda not being released in 1952?(Was it more like the 70's, or 90's?)(Was it another time?)
6017.(Famous Writer name change.)Mark Henteman/Mark Hentemann
6018.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Klondike Krunch(Crunch?)being more aligned?(Were the letters not touching?)(Is the Klondike logo off?)
6019.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Funko cereal not being a thing?(Anything else off about the name?)(Did Quaker Quisp(Crisp?)not exist?)(Did Kaboom not exist?)(Do any of these cereals' names, or logos look off?)
6020.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Hubba Bubba soda not being a thing?(Does thame Hubba Bubba logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, and green?(Videos below.)
6021.(Famous Comedian name change.)Frank Dicaliendo/Frank DiCaliendo/Frank Di Caliendo/Frank Caliendo(James Difranco/James DiFranco/James Di Franco/James Franco)(Adam Devine/Adam DeVine)
6022.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Quinceañeros not being a thing?(Were they always called Quinceañeras?)(Were they always for girls?)
6023.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the Natal Plum?(Was Afrikaan not a word?)
Add-On: Do you remember Tripple instead of Triple?(Do you remember Vetted not being a word?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Challenger explosion not possibly being a hoax?
Add-On: Do you remember Hawaii being a sovereign nation instead of part of the U.S.?(Was New Brunswick, and Quebec the capitals of the two missing states?)(Was Montreal the baseball capital of the world?)(Was Cincinnati(Cinccinati, or Cincinatti?)one of the states?)(Was Jefferson City(Jefferson?)one of the states?)(Do you remember Puerto Rico not being a U.S. territory?),_Missouri
Add-On: Do you remember Necklacing not being invented, or endorsed by Nelson, and Winnie Mandela?(Did Necklacing not exist?)
6024.(Song Title change.)I Wanna Walk (500 Miles)/I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)(Was the song title different?)(Was the song released in the 90's instead of the 80's?)
6025.(Music Lyrics change.)"Is this a conspiracy?"/"Is this some conspiracy?"("A tear in his eye."/"A tear in his eyes.")
6026.(Music Lyrics change.)"Fire in the sky."/"A fire in the sky."/"The fire in the sky."
6027.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember men not being able to have the ability to naturally lactate, and breastfeed?(Did the Bible not mention it?)
6028.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's just the beast under your bed."/"It's just the beasts under your bed."(Do any of the guitar riffs sound off?)
6029.(Music Lyrics change.)"Riding out the day's events."/"Writing out the day's events."(Anything else off?)
6030.(Famous Actor name change.)Forrest WhitakeForest Whitaker(Is his last name pronounced different?)(Is Leonard Nimoy's name pronounced different?)(Is Jean-Claude Van Damme's name pronounced different?)
6031.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Ving Rhames dying?(Did Sam Neill(Neil?)die?)
6032.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the ending of Braveheart being different?
6033.(Spelling change.)Pearl Vision/Pearle Vision(Does the logo look off?)
6034.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Titanic 2: Jack's Back not being a thing?(Did an actual Titanic ll not exist?)
Add-On: Do you remember the algorithms for a Rubik's Cube being different?(Rubiks?)
6035.(Famous Hockey Player name change.)Eric Lindross/Eric Lindros
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink?(Video below.)(Do you remember the third-party link not being in the description?)
6036.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember the obstacle course scene in Stripes being different?(Does the movie logo look off?)
6037.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's late at night, and I sleep like a baby."/"I made my bed, and I sleep like a baby."(The Dixie Chicks/Dixie Chicks)
6038.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Rajah from Aladdin(Aladin, Alladdin, or Alladin?)not having yellow eyes?(Do you remember the Devil, and similar characters in certain cartoons not having yellow eyes?)
6039.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being multiple versions of Pop Goes The Weasel?(Anything else off?)
6040.(Music Lyrics change.)"Come back another day."/"Come again another day."(Anything else off?)
6041.(Music Lyrics change.)"On the treetop."/"On the treetops."("When the bar breaks."/"When the bough breaks.")("Tree top"?)(Anything else off?)
6042.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wee Willie Winkie, running through the town."/"Wee Willie Winkie, runs through the town."(Willy?)(Anything else off?)
6043.(Famous Actress name change.)Katie Sackhoff/Katee Sackoff
6044.(New plants.)Have you heard of green roses?(Any other rose types off?)
6045.(Music Lyrics change.)"She whipped out her gun."/"She whipped out a gun."("Does she like it, like it, like it like that?"/"Ooh she like it, like it, like it like that.")("Dude looks like a lady."/"Dude look like a lady.")(Was it always the same as the song title?)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
6046.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Griff's hover board from Back To The Future being red instead of black?(Anything else off?)(Was Hoverboard a word?)
6047.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the restaurant sketch in You Can't Do That On Television being called Barf's Burgers instead of Barth's Burgers?
6048.(Capital City change.)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,_Pennsylvania
6049.(Fictional Character name change.)Eli Goldsworth/Eli Goldsworthy
6050.(Book Title change.)Ramona And Beezus/Beezus And Ramona(Does the movie logo look off?)
6051.(Music Lyrics change.)"I wanna have boobies."/"I wanna have groupies."(Anything else off?)
6052.(Music Lyrics change.)"She put the lime in the coconut, and she shake it all up."/"She put the lime in the coconut, you drank 'em bot' up."(Have you ever seen Both shortened to Bot'?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Anything else off?)(Was it something else?)(You're Breaking My Heart/You're Breakin' My Heart, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Harry Nelson/Harry Nilsson)
6053.(Fictional Character name change.)Irwin HochauseErwin HochauseArwin Hochauser
6054.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember rabbits not being fast swimmers?(Were they not able to swim at all?)
6055.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Space, the final frontier."/"Space, a final frontier."/"Space, final frontier."(Any more Star Trek logos off?)
6056.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember it being known which Springfield The Simpsons lived in?(Did they not live in Oregon?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Videos below.)
6057.(Fictional Character name change.)Hannibal LectoHannibal Lecter(Was it not spelled more than one way?)
6058.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Video below.)
6059.(Music Lyrics change.)"Read between the lines."/"Read between the line."("Til I hit the ground."/"When I hit the ground.")("Chase you all the way to the stairway honey."/"Chase you all the way to stairway honey.")(Til, and When are said at the time in the song.)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6060.(Song Title change.)Shadow Of The Sun/Shadow On The Sun(Are the lyrics different?)
6061.(Famous Football Player name change.)Gayle Sayers/Gale Sayers
6062.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mackenzie Phillips dying?
6063.(Famous Actress name change.)Hallie Barry/Halle Berry(Other spellings?)
6064.(Spelling change.)Scrunchy/Scrunchie/Scrunci/Scünci(Other spellings?)
6065.(Phantom geography.)Do you remember there not being a village in Norway named Hell?(Did it not have really cold weather?),_Norway
6066.(Music Lyrics change.)"I was down but now I'm flying."/"I was down but now I'm crying."(Ing to In' lyrics, and does anything else about Hard Luck Woman by Kiss seem off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Video below.)
6067.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Kelso saying, "Damn Jackie! I can't control the weather!" louder than he does now?(Did he always say, "Well damn Jackie!"?)
6068.(Music Lyrics change.)"Daddy thinks I'm lazy. He don't understand. He never saw inside my head. People think I'm crazy, but I'm in demand. They never heard a thing I said."/"Daddy thinks I'm lazy. He don't understand. Never saw inside my head. People think I'm crazy, but I'm in demand. Never heard a thing I said."(Does the Ozzy Osbourne logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Minnie Mouse not having as many polka dots on her dress?
6069.(Movie name change.)Anchors Away/Anchors Aweigh
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, green(Videos below.)(Is the Star Wars scene off?)(Is it now The Jackson 5 with 7 members?)
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