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2020.11.26 11:46 ShortnResilient My past

My (21f) partner (21m) after months of dating & knowing how many people I’ve been with (just over 10) is now suddenly having a problem with it. I don’t understand how it’s suddenly an issue.. I know he doesn’t mean to slut shame me but he is..
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2020.11.26 11:21 Original-Good- It’s over

The rock is only heavy when you carry it. And I am ready to let things be as I have been suffering enough. Especially because I have been carrying that rock alone. It’s time for me to let it go. This is over and it will not come back. And if it does, there better be a lot of time in between for you to grow up and for me to grow up, enough time for me to see it as a new relationship. Otherwise, no thank you, I will not accept getting back together. How could I?? After you broke my trust like this?
Leading me on, not telling me how you were having doubts about us. And then, grieving and quietly moving on behind my back. While at the same time still accepting my love. You USED me. How could you look into my eyes and lie to me like that. Even after I have asked you multiple times, if everything is okay. We could have talked. Not for me to convince you otherwise or to work it out, but to make us better understand each other. Because that’s what being FAIR looks like: TRANSPARENCY. I understand it’s a major decision and you too must have struggled in your own way. But that’s what respect for the other person looks like.
Last two days I have been feeling pretty okay and just numbness which might be a sign of depression. Like, I am still doing good deep down and i am still being Kinds to myself. But somehow just don’t have the energy to take care of other things rn.
today i took a day off, a mental health day to be exact, to confront my numbness. I wanted to see why I am numb. And, I burst out in tears. I know you’re out there moving on. You probably are looking for hookups already. Last week i was all about forgiving you and wanting the best for you. I still do. But today i am selfish. Today i can finally say, you’re not the best for me. And today I am angry. For your lack of trying to be better. For you, not being willing to make things work. You’re so not willing to build a future with someone. You cannot commit. It doesn’t really matter if it’s me or another girl. You just can’t do it. And you weren’t honest enough to tell me while we were together. Now you’re out there, having moved on a long time ago, while I am here suffering alone.
I so don’t want you back. What we had was beautiful when it was beautiful. But now? The thought of you, all it does is giving me heartache, anxiety. I am not over you yet. But at least I am not clinging to you anymore. I don’t want us back.
Yes I learned a lot and you’re not a bad person. But we really just want different things, don’t we.
I know my worth. I know that I am a smart, loving, capable young woman, honest, loyal and constantly trying to be better. I am financially independent. I am learning every second. I am aware of my problems and am constantly working on them. I am so good at sucking dick and I am such a slut for the man I love. I am confident and cute. I know that somewhere, out there, there will be someone that will see all this and appreciate it. And we will make it work. I want to build a family, I want to build companionship, a place to call home and a sanctuary at the same time.
I absolutely do not want to feel unappreciated, like my concerns aren’t valid, like I have to walk on eggshells. I want to be able to have arguments in a respectful manner. I don’t want to feel like my concerns are irrational. I don’t want my worries to be brushed off as jealousy.
If going on dating sites for short term validation from external sources works for you, go ahead. I am not gonna do that, thanks. I will be chilling over here, sitting with my feelings for sometime. And grow. With each day I can see more clearly, what it is that I want. It’s slowly starting to crystallise. Things that are worth fighting for. So thanks for that. Wish u the best
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2020.11.26 07:15 Chrysania83 Mom viewed me as sexual competition

My mom was always abusive, but things went up a whole new level when I (38F) hit puberty. Suddenly I was a "slut" anytime I talked to other kids my age. Everything became sexualized, even as we grew up in a house where sex (or puberty, or anything) was NEVER discussed.
The women in my family are well endowed, and when I FINALLY got my mom to buy me a bra, the very first thing she did when I put it on was to show my brothers how to snap it, then proceeded to chase me around the house, doing so and laughing.
Her boss came over one day, and I was coming down the stairs as he came in, all braces and awkwardness, and he said, "Hello, beautiful!" My mom came into the room smiling because she thought he meant her, but when she saw him talking to me she looked at me with absolute hatred in her eyes. It's like I became competition as soon as I got boobs.
My mom also did things to my brothers, like pulling down their swimming trunks in the pool as a "joke." She'd walk around the house naked and insist on leaving the bathroom door open, no matter what she was doing in there. We were allowed no privacy, of course. Nothing belonged to us and we had no rights because "I brought you into this world." Ok, mom, you birthed me, but that doesn't mean you get to pinch my ass and loudly talk about how fat I am in front of everyone, or grab my boobs and make fun of me.
Any time I talked to a guy, my mom would berate me for being such a trashy whore. The funny thing is, she was so obsessed with the evilness of guys and how much of a boy-crazy tramp I was that that my girlfriend and I managed to pass under her radar completely, even though we were always together and not nearly as subtle as we thought.
If there was any kissing or anything in a movie, she'd cover our eyes because that was "disgusting," and if someone brought up anything pertaining to sexual relations my mom would put her fingers in her ears and go, "lalalalala." Woman, you had eight kids, so you know SOMETHING about the birds and the bees. It didn't help that we were in a fundamentalist cult that has arranged marriage (sometimes), so my mom would one day tell me which brother (everyone was called brother and sister) she was going to arrange for me to marry, then turn around and beat the shit out of me for talking to some guy at church that I also went to school with.
I got kicked out at 16, and a few years later, she and my stepdad separated. Years later I find out that she told people that my stepdad sexually abused me! My stepdad did a lot of fucked up stuff, but he never EVER did anything of the kind. I only found out because I asked my brother why my dad was avoiding me, because he was told (by my mom) that I'd accused him of that. But when my sister WAS r*ped buy a much older guy, my mom told her she was asking for it.
Mom was the opposite way with my brother - arranged a prom date for him (I don't even want to know how) and actively looked for girls to introduce him to (yuck). Of course Mom was obsessed with everyone getting married young and having babies, but ALSO never leaving home and becoming functional adults. Her dream was to have a bunch of people she could control to take care of her, because you have children so that someone can cook and clean for you, not so you can raise a new generation or anything.
Were any of your parents obsessed with the virgin/whore dichotomy? How did it manifest?
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2020.11.26 02:46 sadladnotamadlad 26[M4F] California/Anywhere - Looking for my equally kinky soulmate.

I’ll first start by saying that I’m perhaps not the “typical” boyfriend.
I have 3 main reasons why I date in the first place...
1) A best friend/soulmate. Someone that gets me, has my back, is down for whatever as a best friend. (With having similar interests being a very important part of this)
2) A team mate/self-improvement buddy. We help each other reach our goals, improve ourselves and one another in the process. (Sexual rewards or incentives being a plus for this!!)
3) (NSFW) A sex toy. This is where I will probably lose a lot of you. I like using my partner for my own sexual needs (with a girl that genuinely LIKES/gets off being used). This mostly includes a lot of face-fucking so be prepared for that. Sloppy sex, making your face a spit-covered mess, gagging, choking, restraining your hands, spontaneous random sex (including in public but hidden areas like the car). Being my personal slut and letting me use you when I’m horny. Calling me daddy, respecting my dominance.
These 3 things makes the PERFECT relationship in my book.
I’m far from perfect but I have a lot of goals to reach in life to be my perfect self. I find that once we all set goals and reach them that we gain confidence and earn the lives we seek.
For me, I do what I want to better myself and make myself feel more confident and happy with myself and life.
My core life goals include:
1) Treating others with respect. 2) Being very open-minded and non-judgemental. 3) Being more mature and less goofy and more approachable. 4) Bulking up physically with a mix of muscle and fat. (Currently skinny at 145 lbs, goal 175) 5) Get covered in nature based tattoos all over my body. 6) Continue working my way up in my field where I help people and make a difference in their lives. (I don’t make much, barely above min wage, one goal is to continue to do my best to get a higher paying job)
I have goals for my mentality/personality, physical self, and professional self.
One last thing to mention is I am not physically attracted to overweight girls or girls taller than me (5’10). I prefer the more submissive type (under 5’10, shorter the better, and under 145 lbs (my weight).
I like feeling physically superior over my partner, the more the weight and strength and height difference the better.
Physical appearance and attraction is only one factor though.
Personality is crazy important. Bratty, nerdy, shy, dorky, introverted girls I find the ability to click with best because I’m just a tad bit socially awkward (social anxiety) and introverted with a INFP-T personality type. I usually do best with introverts but extroverts don’t be discouraged to message me. :)
I love getting out of the house and pushing myself into social situations to also improve my social skills and would love to have a soulmate willing to do the same, (with me!) Like starting a gym membership and going twice a week together for example despite the anxiety of having to work out in public and talk to people and whatnot.
Girls that are physically fit or active get bonus points, so we can jog together and constantly work on our mile times and build ourselves up.
I want a rockstar relationship where we improve rapidly and get stronger and smarter and more approachable and friendly and chill human beings all whilst I get to use you as a cock toy in the bedroom.
Please apply if this is the relationship you also seek/want badly. Because I can’t wait to meet you. :)
Have a great thanksgiving to everyone reading (that celebrates it!)
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2020.11.25 23:27 babygirl_no1 I can’t completely move on from my trauma...

I have a traumatic past that I'm unwilling to talk about most of the time, but it is killing me even till now. I'm sorry that you have to read all these but if you do, I'm appreciated.
I had my first relationship when I was 12, it was just puppy love but we dated 1 and half year. I was so upset when we broke up. Within a month this tomboy started talking to me, I wasn't interested at first because I was straight, but she was caring and manly, unlike my first bf, so I decided to give it a try. She is one of the popular naughty kid in the school, she smokes and got into a lot of stress fight, her friends and her sister know few gang gang. I don't know at first till the middle. Within a month I fell madly in love because she gave me the intense care and love that my first bf didn't give to me. She hung out with me, bought foods to me and texted me every day. But things turned ugly when I found out she was bullshiting behind my back. I gave her all of my time because she said she wants to spend time with me every second. I'm one of those who don't speak, don't like trouble and tiny little dust around people, and I was one of those very submissive to my bf and those who ask for all lot of kisses type. So when I saw she told all these girls I was treating her like shit, I was shocked and I cried silently without telling anyone. She created a group with a few other girls just for talking shits about me, and that was just the first month of our relationship. She saw I cried and beg for my forgiveness, I had a soft heart and I think it was not a big deal so I did. Later on, within two months I found out she cheated on me. Both cases were found out accidentally, I never checked her phone but it was blowing up so I took a peek. So I broke up with her two days and she just kept coming to my classroom begging for my forgiveness again and somehow my stupid ass did. So within a month, she started to be extremely intense about everything, like forced me to delete all male contacts, block all the male on social media, I was not even allowed to have convo and eye contact with the male, no matter how they look or how many they age. I completely accepted it because I had this conservative mindset of need to marry the one who took you virginity. But here we go he cheated on me again so I forced him to do the same restrictions as she does to me. Since she became violent, she started to hit me when I accidentally have eye contact with a dude especially those who used to pursue me. She will cry every time she hit me and said she only does that because she loves me so much and scared of I'll into boys again. I don't many friends back then and I was one of the centre people of being bullied, that was why I always want to grab the last warm that people still give to me. As you can imagine, in that case, people around me would be toxic and my stupid ass didn't willing to let go because I thought they all will change. So sadly, we dated for 1 and half years, she broke up with me and hit on somebody else, and told me how much she didn't want to hurt me again and how a bad bf she was and that's why she left me. Within a god damn month, she told everyone, everyone in the school, outside the school, I was treating her like shit and even forced her to distant all her friends, how I seduced other boys and how a good bf she was. I was helpless, I faced everyone who dm and called just to insult and threaten me, I told them the truth and no one believes on me because they said then why would she lie, but I mean why would I lie too? I asked my few female best friends to stood up for me but they all afraid of my ex’s power so no one did, instead, they turned my back hoping people will treat them nice. I was crying every day facing these rumours and how happy my ex was with her new girl. I tried to move one during that year and hold myself back. But then that b came back to me and said how much she misses me. I argued with her that she is being so nice to this girl and dated her over a year, how dare she comes back, she said she knows she was a player and she fked up, she hopes I could give another chance for her. So I did, then things got worse, she hit me again and harder, control me and tripped me into a cage again, this time I can't even have my own study time, every single sec had to leave under her sight. I was okay with most of it because I don't have any friends either. But as you can think she hit me almost every week and found out she cheated on me again, so I got depression. I started to become crazy, I'll call her 20 times if she doesn't answer my call when I knew she was available, she had this habit of when she doesn't like me to do something she'll leave m of the street. Like there was once we were walking around a street and my legs were cramped, so I fell and she thought I was embarrassing her, die to my mental state at that time I just cried directly, and she’ll just leave me in the street. There was once we were done shopping, carrying a lot of things, then we have this stupid argument of I accidentally have eye contact with a random dude, she just used those deadly eyes look to me and argue with me in a whisper and accused me seducing another man, I started crying and we started yelling, suddenly he just dropped all the bags and ran, I was trying to catch her up but I failed because she is an athlete, champion of running and those power ball?? Every single year. She just left me there and even called a friend to peek with her across the street just to laugh at me. I was having a mental breakdown so I just sit in the centre of the park and started crying and lying down to the floor. I saw them and I ran to them but I just couldn't catch their speed. She even forced me to eat garbage to prove I loved her. I developed a serious mental illness because of her. I started to lose control, crying and screaming and yelling and hurting myself whenever she pisses me off. Because she hit me, she would punch my heart and click my uterus, and also punch and bite my boobs till bleeding. I started to fight back, I lost control when she hit me and I just kept slapping her and scratched her face and bite her hands till she stopped. She was smart af, she only punches and hit and bite my body was because my uniform could cover it up and I never leave a picture for evidence, who would have thought I needed those. She started telling people how violent I'm and how she was so nice but I still hit her and blah blah blah and said she only keep dating me because she loves me. We argued day by day with all these bullshits, I was suicidal too because of my depression and also because there was once she took it too far, I almost was being choked to death by her. So I started to slap her when she upset me and started to grab things to hurt myself when she was hitting me. Usually, be like we argued then she started to yelled and hit me and I started crying n screaming, then I would just stare at something that made of glass, usually glass water cup, then grab it and hit it with my head, then I would just start bleeding from my head and also my legs and arms because of the cut of broken glasses. And she would just say sorry and left me every single time I broke the glass. It happened at least a dozen times. There was once I found out she was talking with another girl again, and I was so pissed off because during that time she kept texting her ex and told her friends how cute she thinks her exes were when she kept accusing I have a crush on my ex and I’m not faithful to her. I got pissed and we argued, she started to hit me and pushed me, I lost control, I took a scissor and started waving and screaming and yelling stay away from me and my eyes were close and crying of course. She approached me somehow thinking it was a good idea. Then the scissor cut through the back of her head, about 0.3-0.5 cm deep and 3 cm long. She started screaming and yelling ‘blood’. Then I opened my eyes and started panicking and saying sorry like thousand times. I called her friends to come to pick her up to the hospital immediately and called my best friend at that time and told her everything. Btw that friend was one of those stepped me behind my back but then came back and ask for my forgiveness because she said she knows I’m a great friend and she got spoiled but she’ll make it up for me in the future, she even cried when she said that. So I told my ex I want to break up because I’m not a good gf anymore and I don’t want to lose control and hurt her again, she used 2 months to convinced me she forgave me and we should keep trying. But things not got any better because I lost control a few times in school. After all, she provoked me. As you can guess, we dated for one year this time and she broke up with me and dated another girl. But this time she pushed it worse, we broke up and I caught her in the school’s toilet and argued with her, she lied to me about everything of she loves me but she is so depressed so she needs to hang out with these girls to make her feel better and blah blah blah, I stood in front of the door and not letting her go until she told me the trust, she punched me of course so I slapped her, she got a chance and ran out and told all her friends I hit her. There were around 10 people, they stopped me in the school door and surrounded me and grab me to an alley, and all of them threaten me of beating me and yelling at me and insult me, no one helps me, and because I tried to defend myself at the first time but it didn’t work out so I developed this personality when people who have sus on me or doubt me or as you guys said ‘haters’, I’ll just shut my mouth up and let them say whatever they say and bully me. They let me go at the end of threatening me never talk to my ex again. I was so depressed but I still wanted to move on, so I started to make new friends and dated new guys. Every time she knows there’s someone new around me, she will send the picture she took at the time when I lost control and cut her head, she told people I’m a slut and I’m violent and all these shit. She tried to destroy my new friendships and relationships, and it worked. All of her friends even cyber-bullying me. They created tones of fora just to talk shit about me, my ex told everyone I spread fake rumours and made everyone in her class bullied her. Tell me shit, everyone loves her and everyone hates me, even when I walked across a senior I could hear them saying isn’t she is that bitch blah blah blah, sounds like they did it purposely. I was wishing my friends to stand up for me and they didn’t, cuz they were saying how much they don’t want trouble and how caring they are to their family. I know bullshit right. My ex even told the teachers in our school and they were saying call the polices, but in the end, they didn’t even talk to me because they were scared of me. I was completely hopeless and alone. I told everything to my mother wishing she will support me, all she did was insult me everyday of how disgusting I’m to like a girl, I’m sick n I need doctor, and I’m a psycho and blah blah blah, she knew my ex hit me but she didn’t know we were dating, but my mother doesn’t care that she hit me obviously, and my mother know I have mental issues and wishing to die and she still does it every day. I was so sick of everyone turning my back. After a year my ex came back to me and made the last promise. No shit I forgave again and she went worse, control how I dress and not even allowed me to wear makeup and lipstick, because she said if you already have me why would you need those? for seducing other men? and no selfie either because why would I post pictures on social media when I already have her, no need to show anyone how I look, and when I went out with my only friend, my ex would ask to video call me and show her around the environment to make sure there’s no male and only my female friend. Most of the time she even accused me of cheating on her because I went out with my only female friend without bringing her. She limited the time I go out with my friend and if it was a bit longer she would accuse I went to see another dude. And she brought me to see her family her mother and her sister hate me because they think I made her arm’s bone broken. it wasn’t me tf, it was herself playing football. And also because she always asked her mother for money when she was dating me and even asked her mother to buy a PS4, they all blamed it on me if she spent all the money on me and even need to asked her mother to buy a PS4 for me, and she was a good kid till she has me. I was like hold on wait what, I wanted to buy a PS4 myself but she yelled at me and made me cried and forced me to buy switch because she said my mother hates her and she can’t come to my place to play it so I'm not allowed to buy it. That day I was even on my period with huge pain. She convinced me if she asked her mother to buy it we can play in her place. And tbh, yes at the first two times we were tgt she paid everything, our meals and our movies, but they all cheap because we don’t eat expensive stuff, I mean cheap is Mcdonald cheap. She never buys me expensive or decent gifts either, btw she’s very rich. But I'm one of those who like shopping so I do buy a lot of stuff for her even when usual. The third time we dated, she kept saying her money is for our wedding so I need to used mine, so she has like €20,000 in her bank account and I only have like €2000, I came from a poor family which my mother need to depend on government, we live in a tiny government house. But I still did it because she said so, I paid for our meals, paid for her clothes and shoes, even underwear bro... And because most of the time we slept in her old apartment, which her sister was there too. And there was once we were gaming, my ex lost the time and blame it on me of disturbing her which I did nothing, she got the habit of when she loses in a game she’ll blame it on me and started to pissed herself off, so she lost and I thought she was calm. We went into bed and suddenly she twisted my nipples hard, that pain is fked up, so I started to slap myself so hard and so many times, her sister thought I was hitting her so she yelled at me of are you fking enough. Her sister just texted my ex the other day of saying how I used her money and blah blah blah, I was next to my ex and I got pissed, I argued with her of why she doesn’t explain anything when I didn’t do shit. She just refused to explain anything. And I have to play nice in front of her family, helping her mother and receiving the insult of her family, like told me to stop hitting her and I told them she hit me, they didn’t believe me and kept complimenting her. And she also treated me like trash, yelled at me of everything, get angry about everything. I helped her to clean up her house alone she would yell at me of not giving her enough time, if I don’t spend a single night in her apartment she would accuse I’m cheating. And at the same time my mother tried to force me straight again but she was ashamed of me dating a girl, so she fake cried in front of my cousins and told them I hang out with a bad kid and that kid made me hang around in the street and not going home, yell at her and treat her like shit when she gave all these money and care to me. Well first of all my mother didn’t even give me a cent, I earned that money from my pet time job, second, I was enduring her insult and praising her everyday of how a great mother she was and ignored the fact I'm dating a girl and she will never see my ex again, to try to reduce the insult and toxic behaviour of my mother, clearly it didn’t work. I can from a strict family so as you think all of my uncles and aunties kept calling and yelling to kill me. They kinda temporarily banned me from the family. So I have nowhere to go plus my ex’s friends usually those deadly eyes to look at me and her family hate me and my friends turned my back. Somehow my life was just trash like that. Compared to her friends and family, no matter what she does she always the mama’s girl, and her friends trust me no matter what and stand up for me and loyal, mine? I have nothing but death. Few months before we broke up, I was trying my best to fix our relationship, tbh even tho I still loved her when the third time she came back, I didn’t want to be with her anymore because she makes my life so fked. So I let her go to the bro gathering that she promised no girls, I went like three times with her. Some of the bros thought that I was better because I allowed her to attend the bro, but like I always do, she just doesn’t wanna comes, and I wasn’t allowed to speak of any of her bros because they are dudes, but her bros don't know and just simply think that I’m mean and I’m a bitch. The last time we were gathering, she promised no girls but all the girls came, it was fine at the beginning, but she tried to insult me in front of all of her friends, she thought I wouldn’t defend myself as usual, but I did that one time. She was like let play truth or dare, and kept asking me like did you ask my friend to go to ur place, just answer yes or no and can’t explain. When we broke up, there was once one of her bros accidentally have the chance to talk to me, and the more he gets to know me he realised I wasn’t the villain who is supposed to be in this story, so we became a friend. I was already happy someone wants to befriend with me so I did think much. I invited him to my flat to play as normal fried will do, I just have no idea in that year he fell in love with my but I got back to my ex so he turned my back and said I’m the one who kept annoyed him and he doesn’t like me at all. And since that my ex kept beating me and called me a whorse of seducing her best friend. So she tried to insult me during the gathering in front of 7 - 8 people, I don’t remember. I was like yea I did, your turn, did you cheated on me more than 6-7 times, she denied it at first but I won’t let it go so she admitted. Because when the second time we broke up and she was dating another girl, she texted me once and I got drunk and she told me everything thought I wouldn’t remember. Then I think she wants to revenge of the cheating question so she started flirting with these girls in front of me. I got so drunk that night and left, a few hours later I went back, told her I want to break up, her friends were like how could you do that, she loves you so much, I asked my ex if her friends know the ugly things she did, she said yes, but then I spilt out the tea to all of them, they were all defending for him of cheating in the past and what about you left him a scar in her head and how she earns money for you and blah blah blah, after I heard this I was more confirmed I need to break up. The other day she was supposed to give me back my money because she used my money to tattoo. But she didn’t, instead, grab my bag and cried and begged for last chance. Tbh after that, she treated me nice for just two weeks and then treated me like trash, I gave him a lot of chances after that even. The trigger was we went back to our homeland to spend the new year with our family? so we separated like one month, I was calling her for wishing happy new year to her family, the first reaction she had was you look so fking ugly why are you wearing makeup, aren’t I told you not to wear any? Then her mother got into the phone and that was why she stopped, the next coming days I tried to call her but she wasn’t answering at all and scolded at me of she is having a meal with family. The last convo was she said she needs to get up early the next time to go to a theme part, so I texted him the other morning of having fun bae but she replied me very late, I was just simply asking I thought you go out early? she was like it’s not your fking business, am I not even allowed to sleep in a car? do I even need to write you a report? That night I broke up with her, first and last time. I blocked her everything. She was calm at first, two weeks after she came back she started calling me. At first, she only called me like a few times a day so I was like ignored it’s fine. a week later she called me 50 times a day, o blocked her number and she started to use different numbers to call me, she asked her friends stalk me on social media, and she created like 10+ insta accounts just to keep spamming me, insulting me like a bitch a whorse and I cheated on her I never love her that’s why I broke up with her. The worse was she got it even into another level, she just suddenly showed up in front of my house and even if I ran, she catches me and I yelled help in the street but everyone just thought oh couple argument and the bf will figure it out, she even dragged me into a taxi and I yelled help and the driver didn’t even give a shit will I clicked the car’s door. The other day my mother saw her and warned her to leave me alone because I need to go overboard to see my cousins this afternoon, so she came to my house and kept yelling and clicking my door for 2 hours, I got so pissed so I opened the door because I seriously need to go to catch the flight. She got shocked and ran away. The other week she kept creating insta accounts to text me of how sorry she was and she thought I was just joking to be mad and breaking up and thought I will eventually forgive her and will never leave her as always. Then the next moment she said like you fking whorse crave for dick you dirty slut and blah blah blah, and saying if I don’t take her back she’ll date someone else because a new girl is pursuing her, I was like whatever I love you no more. She annoyed me for one and a half months as a creepy lover. I thought she stopped because she was tired, no, because she dated a new girl. We don’t study in the same college so I seriously care less. All my friends are telling me oh she dated this new girl who is uglier than you and she seems to treat her so nice, I was like good for her, I truly hope she knows how to love someone this time, and glad that she changed. They have been dating for like one and half years now since we broke up, they are very happy together, my ex doesn’t say shit about this girl and her family like her new girl, when the time I felt truly happy for her, my friends who are in the same college with her said she’s still spreading rumours of me in her college to all these people, I was like wait what I thought she changed, they told me, no and my ex doesn’t seem to want to let me go, they showed me pics of how sweet they are and I saw my ex still wearing our couple’s clothes, which as an intense lover like her and as she said how bad I’m, it’s ironic and pathetic of her still wearing our stuff and talking shit about me when she’s dating this girl for over a year. One of our mutual friends asked me to do I even think of will they screenshot my pics and post if online and talk shit about me again, I mean this is just her and I just don’t give a shit anymore, and if the friend knows means she’s part of it, so I cut this friend too. I mean there are a lot of stupid cases like how she got mad when I wanted to tattoo because the tattoo artist was a male so she forced me to let her tattoo with my money, and how she got mad when we both were out dying our couple’s hair colour when my hairdresser was a 50-year-olds guy because she thinks the guy want to fk me by dying my hair. I was a pure cute little girl who had a soft heart, now I’m a strong independent woman who loves myself more than ever. But I still working on my depression, I’m not suicidal anymore but I closed my wall to everyone and depressed and only have negative thoughts all the time. I couldn’t sleep and my body feels so heavy all the time and like I’m drowning. I always cry madly when I’m alone and just laugh and be silly in front of people. But deep down I’m always scared she will just suddenly jump up and ruined my life again, everyone hates me and want to hit me, no one believes on me and have my back. I have been through these 5 years by myself and till today, 7 years, I’m more strong than ever. But inside I’m still just a girl who hopes to have happiness.
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2020.11.25 23:14 anon230490 Scared of HIV (explained below)

So hey everyone,
So recently I've been bicurious a lot and decided to get on grindr, I've been on it for a while but didn't really met any interesting people or boys who I was attracted too. Fast forward some weeks and I actually went on a date twice but with two different people, in the same week (call me a slut...). Both dates were really hot and experimenting was definitely a lot of fun. But for some reason I can't help myself thinking about HIV and how I might've put myself at risk. Definitely because grindr is a really fucking weird place.
To give an exampe what went down on the dates to get a better view I'll list the sexual actions below:
Date 1: Got a blowjob, kissing, jerked eachother off, rubbing dicks together, body humping and I fingered his hole. He also placed by dick between his cheeks so I might've touched his hole with my head but never went inside. We both came. I don't recall his sperm touching my dick.
Date 2: Got a blowjob, kissing, jerked eachother off, rubbing dicks together, body humping. I only came.
Partners were 18 and 20 years old which, I feel like would be a reduced risk since less sex partners? I know date 1 was against STDS but didn't really ask date 2 (he was really nice and shy so I assume so, doesn't make sense I know...) I know I should've asked and maybe start wearing condoms through all interactions.
I brought condoms with me incase I was going to top for the first time but my dick never went inside.
Now I'm being incredibly scared, what would my chances be I contracted it? I know there's a big stigma around HIV but nontheless I'm fucking scared. I will get tested but I read that I have to wait some weeks for HIV to become detectable.
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2020.11.25 22:29 vCynicalx Girl knows about plate

A girl knows I have a plate and some of the dates we’ve had (she asked I told her, friend zoned her because she’s 60 miles away)
I called her the other day after fucking my other plate, I was bored tbh I even admitted I’d just fucked another girl.
Since then I’ve had nudes and booty pics, it’s 2 hours travel and I’m trying to get her to come mine so I can lay the smack down. Claims she’s only been with 1 guy lol.
Anyway she keeps bringing the other girl up whilst still showing she’s moving forward with me, nudes etc arranging to meet speaking about the distance etc
I keep saying I don’t talk to the other girl anymore I’m a jokey way and her hamsters spinning, I’m trying to avoid the topic, I’m actually being really forward with this girl because I can and she knows how attractive the other plate is, gives me brownie points
This is a shit test right and I just need to keep playing it down? Coach red pill says never explain yourself they just won’t leave your side. This is new to me as I can pretty much call this bitch a little slut and say I’m gonna cum on her face and she’s still speaking to me.
She keeps saying she’s not gonna fuck me if we meet because she doesn’t wanna hurt another girl just go along with this right she ain’t driving 2 hours for rapport
I imagine this pre select bullshit is handy with social media also, I need to secure this and I don’t wanna mess up if she asks about the other girl so shall I just play it down and say we finished playfully?
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2020.11.25 21:40 larakf Vlog Recap and Discussion: The hardest part about not being Everleigh’s biological dad.

Thumbnail: Ev isn’t in the video!
Annnnnd here we go. The long awaited and low effort Q&A vlog.
To begin, two assholes who make their living staring into cameras suddenly don’t know how to stare into a camera.
With this Q&A, they feel like we want the hard questions and that their audience likes the Q&As. Cole says this will be raw and real, real, raw, raw, real and raw and I’m already bored with the lead up. Here we go:
Did Everleigh ever perform her solo from last season? No. She wasn’t ready to go before quarantine started.
Have they ever gotten hacked? (Clearly this was asked by Norton Life Lock, who sponsored the video). The answer is just as sponsored as the question.
If you could say anything to your younger self, what would you say? Honestly if I were Sav I’d say, “The N word is disgusting and offensive. Don’t say it, ever.” I mean, clearly she won’t acknowledge past mistakes so we get the super generic, “Be more confident.” She says girls were mean in middle school, yet we all know she was the Regina George of her friend group. Cole didn’t date anyone in middle school, but it sounds like he was the kind to shoot his shot and embarrassingly fail (wazzup Selena Gomez). He says don’t worry about who you’re going to date.
Did they ever figure out what was wrong with Zealand in the NICU? Zealand is fine.
How many kids do they realistically think they’ll have? Sav says she knows they will adopt a couple of kids from foster care, maybe older kids. I wonder if she realizes that foster children and their trauma cannot be exploited? Legitimately they cannot. This will be a problem for a family that earns their livelihood from exploitation! Adoption doesn’t come easily and takes time and persistence that I guarantee Sav doesn’t have. Anyhow, Sav thinks 6. They’re already halfway there! Cole/Sav’s Sperm Donor begrudgingly says he thinks so too because he knows that Sav is in control there.
How do they find time for prayer with such a busy life? Cole says prioritize and Sav says, “yeah.” Oh, and find a church you love. Pray in the car or whenever. We all know you’re not religious, Savannah!
Did they wait until marriage and what boundaries were in place? Of course Cole is going to use this as an opportunity to ‘slut shame’ Sav because she was not a VirGiN when they got married. “Obviously she had a kid before,” “We waited together.” They weren’t perfect along the way and boundaries were broken, which to me means that they did everything but penetration. Lol. It’s a good thing they saved that beautiful moment for Cole to tweet to the world.
When were they baptized? Honestly who the fuck is sitting at home wondering the details of their baptisms? Sav was baptized when Ev was around 2, but it didn’t do much for her and she’d like to try it again. I think what she’s failing to understand that you can get baptized 27 times but if you aren’t religious, you’re probably wasting your time. Cole was baptized at 10. They’d like to be baptized together. The last thing I need to see is these two in a baptismal pool together, but I am seeing a future vlog content anyhow.
Is it true you eat 17 pieces of bacon every morning? Lol wtf. Cole says it’s a fact. Hopefully they have a cardiologist on standby. What kind of person is attracted to a man who has to eat copious amounts of bacon each day? (I’m talking to you Sav). My god their house must smell.
Do you ever feel exhausted like you’re constantly having to say or do the right thing? Without hesitation, at first they both say no (to no surprise). Cole says something about online stuff and cancel culture nowadays but fails to connect words. Sav follows up and says they have to be more careful and they can’t put everything out there, sadly. Cole follows up and says they have to be more cautious about what and how they say things. Like what more can they put out there? They share it all right down to their toddler daughter’s nipples. What the fuck more do they have to share? Yes, Cole and Sav, it truly is a shame that you can’t freely exploit your family without people catching on and calling you out on your absolute garbage bullshit. That answer was totally directed at us and I’m loving it!
Cole, when did you know Sav was the one? Sav knew 8 days after she met him, which is oddly specific. I wonder on what day it was that she broke up with Tommy? 🤔 Cole says he knew right away. They liked Clare and Dale’s story on The Bachelorette, and if you watched that, you know. 🙄
What is their favorite Christmas tradition? Sav—hot chocolate, desserts, Christmas lights; gingerbread house making contests (as they do for every damn holiday); Irvine Christmas train. Cole—Mistletoe (creepy wink). They don’t kiss under mistletoe.
Follow up question, when was the last time they kissed? Cole aggressively kisses Sav, and he’s probably hoping she wants to cash in a sex voucher.
What is the most favorite Christmas present they’ve ever gotten? Sav-Barbie Jeep, Everleigh Cole-iPod touch
What is the hardest part of not being Everleigh’s biological father? Knowing what his boundary was when he first met Ev. He said sometimes he went too far (like when he was topless and sleeping in bed with her—my example not his) and other times he didn’t. Sav says he does good and Cole says he isn’t perfect.
They like doing these vlogs because it’s like therapy. I hate recapping these vlogs because this took me a long ass time! Lol. This Q&A doesn’t address anything they haven’t talked about before. The only slightly new bit is that they recognized “cancel culture” and the fact that people call them out. For the record, I don’t see this sub as a “cancel” community, but one where there is a space to talk about how absurd they are without having to deal with the bullshit of 11 year old stan drama. We have an occasional Baboon problem, but even what’s her name has been quiet for a long while. Someone put her in her place. Lol.
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2020.11.25 21:17 MrJayGatsby92 28 [M4F] How to Ghost a Guy in 10 days....

Hey Reddit, I’m Bo and Iv been ghosted WAY TOO many times!
See, I’m 28, attractive, funny, intelligent and dare I say charming. Let’s just put it this way, there’s not a chance in hell any of my friends or family realize that I’m on here posting like this.
But with all that being said it is near impossible to find a female who is willing to even get to that level with cause they all diapers like this is a David Blanes magic show.
Or they are so bad at communication that I just get frustrated and and think fuck it this is not worth it.
Tinder sucks ass and not in the good Kinky way... with all the fake accounts, and bull shit onlyfans sluts it’s a waste of time. Plus unless you pay for upgrade you like 5 girls a day and that’s the limit..
So if you are still reading here is what I’m looking for:
I’m looking for a girl that I can connect with. This is super important, I’m want to be able to laugh, joke, and message for a while. Im not saying let’s date, I just wanna know that you’re normal person who isn’t going to murder me in my sleep.
But once we’re both comfortable I would like someone who’s willing to meet up. Maybe go get drinks maybe make dinner together, something pretty chill. But ultimately at the end of this I want someone who wants to explore the wild side of things sexually. Like I mean try kinky and intimate and fun things. I guess in short make each other orgasm. ALOT!!!!
Like I said before I’m attractive guy, I’m tall (6’3) tan(but still white) and handsome. I have a good personality, also I’m not trying to brag or boast just being honest.
So I’m looking for a girl who’s younger then 39, preferably attractive and definitely has a dark wild side that she’s looking to unleash when she’s comfortable. If you do not have a high sex drive please do not respond. Also know that I’m gonna ask that we both verify so whether that be chat or whatever that bullshit green and white app is, on some level I’m gonna need to know that you’re real before we try and connect there’s way too many fucking weird guys on here trolling.
So there it is Dallas reddit: help me not continually run into girls who try and ghost a dude in 10 days. Thanks!
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2020.11.25 18:34 dot9977 SuperCatholic MIL at it again

Yeah, don't use this on your shitty non-reddit videos or posts.
Not a traumatic story anymore, just a never-ending one. JNMIL texted again yesterday to say happy thanksgiving (lol look at a calendar). We keep them unblocked because they've shown up at our house before and in the past have always had text increases leading up to it (we also got multiple cameras around our house). Wellp, it's been increasing. Total NC is going on 7 years. For 3 of those years, we only got 2 texts from them. It has been 6+ times this year from family members combined.
I think they're starting to realize that we're around the age of having kids. I want a cease and desist (not sure we could even get a restraining order because none of their psycho shit is formally documented) but DH thinks that would be poking the bear and they'd send their... get this... over 200 fucking family members (yes, she's one of those Catholics) to come talk to us. The whole family has taken her side and agree that I've brainwashed DH into leaving the family. Leading up to our wedding, I'd get texts from a sibling asking me to be kind and "please not murder him" because that's what the parents told them I was going to do... because I'm a child of divorce and apparently we do that (it also makes us cheat and beat our kids, according to good 'ol JNMIL. that was a fun Christmas shit talking session).
The text yesterday was wishing *him* a happy thanksgiving but saying prays for *both* of our health in these times. I don't even know why it's so triggering this many years out. Oh yeah, they tried to get me arrested for a fake crime and spent countless hours telling me how worthless I am and tried to set my fiance up on a date with, in their words, "his future wife". Lots of other shit too. Some of the texts earlier this year said they'd be willing to let DH back into the family if he apologizes for marrying me and "hurting them". SO fucking over it, why don't these people understand that 7 years of silence means fuck off. As always, they end the message with *we're always here and are willing to talk to you*.
Being the psycho baby-loving-Catholics that they are who spout out "family over everything else" I feel like it's a for sure thing that they're going to feel they're owed a relationship with their grandkid (we're exploring lawyers just in case to establish documents against any GPR BS). The irony is *I'm his family now* why don't they get that lol. What kind of crap are they going to pull if they are praying for something to happen to me even before grandkid is born? The narc entitlement on these nutjobs is ridiculous. We're moving soon and are intentionally getting a rental for a few years so they won't have our address. JNFIL is violent and hit DH a few times as a kid and had made comments like he'd do anything for his most wonderful, kind wife's happiness and his son's future (before punching a wall and yelling that the slut needs to get out of his house lol I'm so far from promiscuous, not that it's a bad thing). Going to save up to buy a house with either a gated community or security fence because their psycho is scary.
DH has thrown out remarks about moving to another country to get away. Maybe I should take him up on it lol. Fuck this
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2020.11.25 16:26 cherrybomb623 I was stalked two years ago

Title pretty much says it all. My freshman and sophomore years of high school, I was stalked by a guy I said no to. He and I were friends from middle school and he made multiple moves on me then but I wasn’t interested, one because I was like 13 and two because I’m a lesbian. But on the freshman hoco night, I said no when he asked me out and instead hung out with about her guy I was friends with for the rest of the night. He was angry. He blew up my phone with texts saying he was a good guy, a nice guy, that the guy I hung out with was a jerk and that I would regret not dating him. I blocked his number. Then he used his friends phones to text me. I blocked them too. Then he left notes everyday where I sat for lunch. At first I read them. They were full of Bible verses and pleads to talk to him. I eventually stopped reading them and just threw them away. Then he started using archery to try and talk to me. He would hover around me and try to tell my friends I was a slut. I eventually quit the team when I saw he had scratched “homecoming was a mistake,” my name, and “I’m so alone” all over his bow and arrow case. It freaked me out. His parents then contacted mine on Facebook angry that I rejected him. They called me a slut and a whore and a bitch for making their son so depressed. I was so scared to come to school. I was worried he’d try to assault me or even kill me since this was around the time the stone man Douglas shooting happened and I was already on edge being in an American public school. Sophomore year came by and I joined the color guard to find some new friends since I had to quit all my old activities. It was nice until I saw he would ride his bike to school and watch me practice. I told my coach and he kept an eye out for me and shooed him away if tried to watch us. He eventually stopped when I switched schools but it was seriously scary. Now I’m terrified to tell people no or reject them because I’m scared they’ll do what he did.
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2020.11.25 11:06 premiumbuds I’m going to get up all in that pussy

I’m finally a free man no women to hold me back now and she wants me bad but not as much as I want her rn I can sense it but im taking her out this week or next week for sure to a nice dinner date and then she def coming over after or maybe in the car who knows and I am getting all up in that sweet little white pussy holy fuck she is so fucking sexy I just want to smell that pussy and ass all over my face I am so goddam lucky to have this opportunity cuz it’s gonna happen and she’s gonna love this fuckin dick that’s for sure
I can’t wait to fuck u so fucking hard girl I’m gonna make u cum like You’ve never cum before I actually pretty sure she’s a virgin I’ll ask her in person when I see her but I’m gonna eat that pussy so fucking good and who knows if it’s clean I’m eating that bootyhole too she’s a good little slut I know she been eying me for a minute now and now that I’m finally a free man I’m gonna wreck that fucking pussy I’m gonna tear that fucking pussy apart I need to smell that pussy in my face now
I’m gonna have that pussy it’s mine
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2020.11.25 08:40 scrubcity311 Best Way to Move On? Scared That He Saw Me on Tinder, Breakdowns

I finally got the strength & bravery after 3 months to try Tinder...just curiosity & trying to move on...after boyfriend broke up w/me. Worst nightmare, saw him there, happy as could be, & I'm so embarrassed that he may have seen me. I deleted the app immediately. I'm so embarrassed that I look like a desperate slut now. This is not what I wanted at all.
I know it sounds like I am overreacting, and I am but I am panicking. I wanted to hide from him forever I never wanted him to see my profile. I never wanted him to know I was on dating sites.
What's the best way to continue from this to move on? I live 5 mi down the road. I had wanted to reach out to him in the future/this spring to be friends but now I fear he will never respond because he saw me on here. I'm an incredibly shy person and I feel my reputation is at stake. I feel embarrassed & disgusting for using this app now and that he saw me. I'd had him blocked on social media and was going to add him back again this spring to be friendly, but now I am too embarrassed/scared.
I was super confident when I made the profile now I want to scream and die.
It is way out-of-character for me to use Tinder. This was a leap and I had made sure for 3 months that he wasn't on it before using. Can we still be friends in future on social media or has this ruined it for me?
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2020.11.25 07:01 A-femboy-called-Red Why do most people assume femboys are trans women?

So I've been alot more open about my femininity, kinda revamped my social medias, dating apps etc.. (more or less just added some femme pics) and most people open with one of the following. "You're such a pretty girl" "hey sissy slut" "will you be my girlfriend?"... Please keep in mind I do openly label my shit as a-femboy-called-red, and mention in descriptions that I'm a boy. Am I alone in this? What causes this? Like if you know what a sissy is you know what a trap is right? Is it because of social media and people posting in every category , causing confusion for others? is it sometting that just comes with the turf? Been like 5 years and it honestly hasn't gotten much better... Thanks again lovelies 😽
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2020.11.25 03:57 carbon-sequestrati0n A very popular science fiction show got cancelled today. One of its main cast members abused me in one form or another for all of my adult life. I’m ecstatic that they’re going away.

In the early nineties, two writers and an aspiring actor and some folks from a brand new film production company met in an AOL chatroom. They were all friends for a lot of their twenties. The aspiring actor was classically abusive to me behind the group’s back. There was a fair amount of sexual bullying and slut shaming from one of the writers as well. The actor started asking me out. When I told him I wouldn’t date him, he gave me a written stay away order for him and our mutual friends.
The actor asked me to a private chat room with all our friends, two years later. I told him I’d been in therapy and I’d been working on his narcissistic abuse, so I was only willing to talk to him as a friend. He blocked me from the chat room again and called me back saying, “You’re crazy. Don’t contact me again.” He did that repeatedly, refusing to undo the harassment warning for about a hundred friends and professional contacts. Years later, he started asking me out while I was dating someone else. He did that for eight years. He never apologized or undid the harassment warnings for our friends, even though I repeatedly asked to be reintroduced.
The actor is working on an incredibly popular science fiction series with people that he gave me harassment warnings for, twenty years ago, because I wouldn’t date him. He continued to ask me out, seven more times in the last ten years, without apology or even ever asking if I were single. The famous science fiction show he’s on got cancelled today. I’m so happy that the actostalkeharassment warning guy—because I wouldn’t date him—is going away. The show got cancelled. Yay!!!
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2020.11.25 01:43 yousaveyou Valid turn-off? Should I have cut this guy loose?

So I matched with someone and went on a date with him. It was pretty good - we actually had pretty good chemistry, kissed, etc.
I followed up a few days later and asked if he'd like to meet again. He said yeah and we made plans to make some dinner together at his place. Daily texting in-between and overall fine.
The night before the second date, he starts sexting me (which I had no problem with, tho it's not something I do often). We were discussing what turns us on the most. It was actually great until...He mentioned stuff he'd done with a girl he hooked up with in the last few months. Like, explicitly stating what a slut she was and how he loves when women are openly slutty and very sexually liberated (sleep around, etc). He said that she was "riding him while showing him all her sexts with other guys" and then...Well, more details lol.
I told him I had really enjoyed our convo until that moment and just politely said good night...Tbh it kinda hurt my feelings that he thought that would've been sexy to bring up lol. The more I thought it over, the less I wanted to go on our second date. He seemed to feel genuinely bad and apologized a lot but I guess I wanted to go with my gut. He was surprised and called me silly for cutting him off, etc. I admit I started to second guess myself after that.
To add a little more context - within our first few message exchanges on the app before even meeting, he did try to sext with me (although his profile told a completely diff story of how he's a "great catch, gives good conversation, wants a girl who puts in as much effort as him" etc. He stopped when I eventually asked him if he's just looking for something casual - at which point we did make plans to meet. He said he doesn't date just to date. (But I guess he does hook up with people?)
[EDIT] Also he told his mom we went on a date and she was already doing my astrological birth chart for him to see if I'm a good match....Uhhh. Idk what to think about that. Doesn't help that she told him that "Geminis are known to be cold and unstable" 🙄 My dating life is a series of jokes at my expense lol.
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2020.11.25 00:19 sadladnotamadlad 26[M4F] California/Anywhere - Looking for my equally kinky soulmate.

I’ll first start by saying that I’m perhaps not the “typical” boyfriend.
I have 3 main reasons why I date in the first place...
1) A best friend/soulmate. Someone that gets me, has my back, is down for whatever as a best friend. (With having similar interests being a very important part of this)
2) A team mate/self-improvement buddy. We help each other reach our goals, improve ourselves and one another in the process. (Sexual rewards or incentives being a plus for this!!)
3) (NSFW) A sex toy. This is where I will probably lose a lot of you. I like using my partner for my own sexual needs (with a girl that genuinely LIKES/gets off being used). This mostly includes a lot of face-fucking so be prepared for that. Sloppy sex, making your face a spit-covered mess, gagging, choking, restraining your hands, spontaneous random sex (including in public but hidden areas like the car). Being my personal slut and letting me use you when I’m horny. Calling me daddy, respecting my dominance.
These 3 things makes the PERFECT relationship in my book.
I’m far from perfect but I have a lot of goals to reach in life to be my perfect self. I find that once we all set goals and reach them that we gain confidence and earn the lives we seek.
For me, I do what I want to better myself and make myself feel more confident and happy with myself and life.
My core life goals include:
1) Treating others with respect. 2) Being very open-minded and non-judgemental. 3) Being more mature and less goofy and more approachable. 4) Bulking up physically with a mix of muscle and fat. (Currently skinny at 145 lbs, goal 175) 5) Get covered in nature based tattoos all over my body. 6) Continue working my way up in my field where I help people and make a difference in their lives. (I don’t make much, barely above min wage, one goal is to continue to do my best to get a higher paying job)
I have goals for my mentality/personality, physical self, and professional self.
One last thing to mention is I am not physically attracted to overweight girls or girls taller than me (5’10). I prefer the more submissive type (under 5’10, shorter the better, and under 145 lbs (my weight).
I like feeling physically superior over my partner, the more the weight and strength and height difference the better.
Physical appearance and attraction is only one factor though.
Personality is crazy important. Bratty, nerdy, shy, dorky, introverted girls I find the ability to click with best because I’m just a tad bit socially awkward (social anxiety) and introverted with a INFP-T personality type. I usually do best with introverts but extroverts don’t be discouraged to message me. :)
I love getting out of the house and pushing myself into social situations to also improve my social skills and would love to have a soulmate willing to do the same, (with me!) Like starting a gym membership and going twice a week together for example despite the anxiety of having to work out in public and talk to people and whatnot.
Girls that are physically fit or active get bonus points, so we can jog together and constantly work on our mile times and build ourselves up.
I want a rockstar relationship where we improve rapidly and get stronger and smarter and more approachable and friendly and chill human beings all whilst I get to use you as a cock toy in the bedroom.
Please apply if this is the relationship you also seek/want badly. Because I can’t wait to meet you. :)
Have a great thanksgiving to everyone reading (that celebrates it!)
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2020.11.24 23:22 maxiemooboo WIBTA if I (F16) message my estranged father (M36) about a comment my brother (M15) made in front of people?

Sorry for bad formatting & grammar, on mobile.
So I stopped living with my father July of 2018 & because of his abusive nature to me along with his disregard of my & my siblings (M15, F13 currently) safety and a lot of other drama that isnt important. I have not texted him since my birthday where he invalidated my feelings & was overall rude, yet says he wants a relationship with me & misses me. He has also sent a text to my grandmother (F53, his mom) basically saying "she's [me] going to get pregnant & leave the baby on you & be like her mom" two weeks after I started dating my ex.
My ex broke up with me a week before 9 months together because "it didn't feel right" or something of the sort. Ive accepted that & moved on. Ive also realized he was toxic & very unhealthy for me & I'm working on myself now.
My brother has been saying that my ex "used me & then dumped me" in front of many people today & just in general at home. I know my father has said some of the same things in general because of an arguement where my brother said, "Dad was right, [ex] just used you & dumped you before going to college". My brother likes to tell my father my business even though he knows I went no contact, yet i say one thing about him & he tattles to our mother (F36), he's the golden child so he gets sighed at & a head shake so I doubt she would do much.
WIBTA if i texted him saying "I would appreciate it if you asked your son not to call me a slut in public or in general as I'd like my business kept to myself"?
I know there isn't much of a chance either will listen but I've heard from my sister that my father sticks up for her during arguments against my brother but this could also be favoritism to her & not me since we've always butted heads. I'm just sick of my brother's verbal/mental abuse like my father did before i left.
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2020.11.24 18:26 sadkid2 My Nmom and my step dad are possibly breaking up

My nmom and step dad are possibly breaking up because of my mom. She is extremely verbally abusive and condescending thinking that she's better than everyone. And for some backstory my dad died when I was 15 days old she was a 21 year old... my dad 39 and an "ex" drugdealedruggie died in a car accident after taking to many pills and ended up paralyzing another man. We ended up in a neighborhood coined "felony flats" until I was six my mom worked but she blew all the money on beerleague softball an emphasis on beer. We ended up shuffling around houses and were homeless till I was 8 around that time was the first time I was raped. But th eww n we got a few shitty apt and left when the rent got to high. My mom had a series of boyfriends who I had to call dad. My mom was always a narcissist and I didn't realize it until she started dating this really cool dude. Their first 2 years dating went smoothly and mom dialed down on the crazy but then she started to go back up again after we bought a house. That my STEPDAD PAID FOR. She was extremely ungrateful for it and only complained and when asked to do somthing she refused to do it saying it was payback for me being a little shit /brat/cunt or slut when I was little.then one night she fucking started screaming and yelling carrying on with belittling me and my stepdad. Then every night after she would Do it. Then a few weeks ago she started getting more physical she threw me against a wall and then hit me a few times. She and my stepdad might breakup and I want to stay with my stepdad. But I'm legally tied with and we just got to this town a few months ago and i like my new life here. What should I do?pls I need help and sry about formatting I'm on mobile.
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2020.11.24 18:08 Anonymous425688943 Was I a slut?

This thing happened over a year ago and it still bothers me. I just wanted to know was I slutty? So I'm still highschool student but last year I liked dressing up differently every week. I like trying new styles. So last November I wanted fishnets. My parent bought them for me. So then I wore them with an outfit. It was denim shorts, a hoodie, the fishnets and some sneakers. I felt really good and thought it looked really trendy. I got called a stripper by a male classmate, that wasn't what bothered me. My parent that bought them said I was a slut when I got home. And said I wore it for boys attention. It hurt me so much I just cried. I've actually never dated and still don't have an interest I wore it just because I thought it would be trendy. She went on about how I was such a slut for wearing it.. I just want to know if just wearing that made me such a slut? I can't even look at those fishnets in my dresser without feeling a bit ashamed
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2020.11.24 17:54 madredetodo How I Ended the Feud Between My Mom and My Dad’s Ex-Wife

The story of how my parents met has always been fuzzy. It was 1983, my dad was married to a woman we’ll call Renee, and working as a divorce lawyer at a small firm in the city. He was 30 at the time, when my mom walked in his office, a 22-year-old with a newborn baby and desperate to escape a loveless marriage with my sister’s father, a pro baseball player turned addict.
This is the part where it gets fuzzy, because my mom says, “I knew the moment I saw him he would be my husband”, and she also says, “he chased me for years before I would even date him.” When I’ve pointed out that her memories contradict each other, she becomes angry.
Anyway, my dad was married. The story goes that he was separated from his wife, while Renee claims that they were happy together and working their problems out carefully. How do I know this? Well, it’s because Renee has been harassing and cyber-stalking our family since 1997.
I come into the story as the child of my father, who was my mom’s lawyer. He’s been the best dad to me, my little brother and my sister whom he adopted and treated as his own child since before she can remember. I always knew he had been married before, but that seemed like centuries ago, having occurred before I was born.
Not surprisingly, Renee was not happy about her husband getting a divorce from her, only to marry his young client, adopt her daughter and go on to have two more children with her. Renee had since moved to another state to practice law herself. They’d been law school sweethearts, had met in undergrad and pursued the same goal together.
Renee started emailing me, my sister and my mother in 1997 when I was 8 years old. I believe at this time on AOL it was possible to find someone’s email address by doing a quick search by first and last name. She told me that my mother had ruined her life, that she’d stolen my dad from her, that they had been so happy together before my mom walked in and ruined his life.
At the time I, feeling like a small adult, responded to her email with an email of my own. It’s so long ago, I can’t remember what I said, exactly, but it wasn’t very nice. I assume it was something along the lines of: He’s happy now, leave us alone, you crazy!
The emails continued to my mom over the years. My mom would respond by saying, “You were separated!” And of course Renee would respond with, “No we weren’t! You are a slut!”
My mom, we’ll call her Jean, was a kindergarten teacher. She’s since retired. She’s been an amazing role model to hundreds of children. To me, she was that sweet storybook mom with the soft lips and gentle voice, the pretty hair that smelled so good. She was also a man-stealer.
A few times my dad has talked about his marriage with Renee. It was short. Once they’d returned home from law school, my dad wanted to start a family. Renee didn’t. In fact, Renee became pregnant once while they were married. My dad badly wanted to be a father. Instead, Renee chose to have an abortion.
I can only speculate as to why my father chose to do what he did. But two years ago, Renee found my mother on Classmates and began yet another raid of hateful messages, calling my lil old mom an evil whore. She told my mom that she’d ruined her life. Then she sent my mom her cell phone number.
When I saw it, my eyes blurred and I felt a rush of feelings overcome me. What would I do with this strand of numbers, the area code of the city she’d fled to in an attempt to escape the personal hell that must have been my hometown. I knew what I could say to really ruin her day. With my words, I could send her to bed crying indefinitely.
Instead, I came at her from a different approach. I was a newly graduated therapist, and I’d really taken a strong interest in feminist theory. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to practice.
At first, Renee was not thrilled to hear from me. “Leave me alone,” she said, “This is between me and your mother.”
I kept on anyway. I told her that it broke my heart to hear that she’d tied her self worth to my father. I agreed, yes, my dad was/is a great man, but he’s also kind of a shitty man. I told her he’s not the kind of man to spend 30 years aching for. He’s messy, he doesn’t listen, he’s a workaholic, and he hasn’t always been faithful to my mother either.
I told her that she was an incredible woman. She has her own legal practice in her new state, in a coastal city. She’s brilliant, and beautiful, and deserving of all the happiness in the world, despite what my father did to her.
I’m not sure what exactly touched her deeply, but she thanked me. She never contacted my mother again after that, and instead, she’s contacted me. She hasn’t called me any mean names, and instead, shares beautiful memories she has of my father from their short time together.
I know it’s weird, but I have a connection to Renee now. My mom is curious about what I said to her, but I just say, “I tried to empower her.” I wouldn’t want my mom to know that I care about Renee, but I do. After all she’s a part of my father, just like I am.
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2020.11.24 17:22 theintrovertboss Why i'm seen like this.

Since I was little people always seem as a slut and never treated me right even tho i wasnt that.I even repressed my sexuallity till 19 yrs old because of guilt and fear i'm very attractive and got a hot body i wear nice clothes that cover my body and still i'm seen like an object to others..When i started dating guys only 3 my whole life they didnt believe i was virgin and never respected me thats why i never gave them my vag.I ve recently lost it at 21 to a guy that understands and respects me..So what would make a woman seem like a slut without really being one
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